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Thank You!!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me in the Women’s Running Cover Contest.

A big thanks to Women’s Running Magazine and Saucony for an amazing experience this weekend. 


I was certainly not in my total comfort zone having a gazillion pictures taken in front of a bunch of people, but it was fun. It was really neat to see what the behind the scenes of a real photo shoot is all about. It was so nice to meet and spend time with Jessie, Erin, Nikki and Caitlyn with Women’s Running Magazine. What a fun crew they have. We were able to go to lunch and dinner with them on Thursday and Friday and they were all amazing.

Some pictures from the weekend: 



Lot’s of beautiful running at the Torrey Pines!


I let this guy hang around with me all weekend:


Sadly, the red shades won’t be appearing in any photos- but they are still the best EVER. 


To top off the weekend- we got to spend time with our friends Melanie & Matt. A good friend is someone who understands the desire to get home straight from dinner, put pajamas on and woof some ice cream. Can’t wait to meet that baby in her belly! Almost there woman!


THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone who voted for me! I am excited to share my story in Women’s Running Magazine and encourage you all to do what you have to do to FIND YOUR STRONG. 

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