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How do you find your Strong?

Running is a gift. 

It has given me strength, confidence, and more times than I can count calmed my anxious self.

It’s not something I have to do. It’s something  I choose. There are times in races when it hurts and I want to throw it all away. I question the purpose. I question my sanity. Really what is the point, why do I feel like I need to push myself until it hurts to feel good? But I finish what I started and am quickly reminded why I chose to run.

I found this gift 15 years ago and it has given me so much peace in my life.

I am honored to be a top 9 finalist for the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Model Contest a contest that asked you how you found your strong. What a cool contest they launched – where women can share their stories of overcoming and what a great platform to share my story.

I wrote about finding my strong  HERE.

I remember the day below so clearly, it was one week before I had a major surgery- a surgery that I was pretty scared about. BUT, I ran through the fear and am so thankful for the outlet.


I would LOVE your support in voting for me today, tomorrow and Wednesday for the Women’s Running Cover Model Contest! The contest will over over this coming Wednesday- so let’s make these next two days count!


AND TELL ME – How do you find your STRONG??

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