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500 Festival Mini Marathon 2014

The 500 festival Mini Marathon was on Saturday here in Indianapolis. This race has around 30,000 runners and is a big deal here. It’s super crowded and a lot of people chose not to do it for that reason, but regardless, if you’re a runner in Indianapolis- you always know a ton of people doing it and it’s fun to either run yourself or go down and cheer. It was such a perfect day to run & spectate (minus a few headwinds) on parts of the course (I heard this per Glenn), that there was a men’s course record set so must not have been too bad! It was ran in 1:01:53.

I ran this race on a whim as a training run last year because someone gave me their bib and Glenn did the same this year. We are big fans of using a race for that- it’s more fun to train in a race right? And if someones giving you their bib…. ok, done.

Here is the difference of Marshall at the expo last year to this year:

Mini Marathon Expo 203

Mini Marathon Expo 2013

photo (1)

Mini Marathon 2014

My wild child.

Glenn’s sister Marlee and her boyfriend Mark came in to town for the race, (Our second overnight houseguests in the new house!) they were both going to run, but she ended up getting injured so he ran and she came down and cheered with Marshall and I. We also met up with my friend Lisa who was cheering on her husband Ryan (one of my best friends from high school… who snuck in just under 2 hrs with hardly any training! I think I’ve convinced him to let me train him for next year….) and some others. Glenn actually wore Lisa’s bib for the race (tore it off 200 meters from the finish & threw it at us because he was afraid he might place her in top 15… it was funny.) There was a time in such a large race that that would have never been a thought. But he works hard and he’s much faster now. He ran 1:24 something, so I don’t think it would have ended up being an issue, but just in case.

Here he is throwing the bib at us as he came in to finish. And for those of you wondering- no he did not take a medal.

photo (6)

I got down to the finish in time to see Whitney Lazzara finish as the first American Woman. She was working for it and I felt so happy for her because I know she’s been training hard. I have recently gotten to know Whitney a bit and she is such a humble, sweet person- she ran 1:17, in 6th place overall.

photo (2)

 And here is the first overall female: (1:12:03)

photo (4)
We had so much fun hanging at the finish line- I love the atmosphere and it was just a beautiful day. Not to mention Marshall behaved better than I ever would have imagined. 

photo (3)

With Lisa- she’s 24 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!

photo (5)

Marsh & Aunt Marlee

photo (8)

Mom & Marshman watching the runners. This kid knows whats up.

photo (9)

Go Runners!

During Mini Marathon week, I had the opportunity to do a segment on Fox 59 news on preparation for the mini marathon- on Monday we talked about fueling for the race and on Friday we talked about what to wear. It was way fun to bring in the props and talk about what I love to do. Below are the two segments.

Whether you had a PR yesterday or were out there running for fun with friends or whatever- it was a beautiful day to run. Though I only ran 3-4 miles… I ran home from the race (love that we are that close to downtown) it was very refreshing (minus my foot which hurt the whole time, but whatves)

It was a big day on Saturday though for us– after the race, we rested up a bit, then went to Jacks first birthday and Emily’s Graduation Party. Then on Sunday AM we had our first neighborhood shindig- a cajun breakfast. We met so many new neighbors and everyone was so welcoming- we are so thankful we landed here.

Party Hoppin’:

photo (10)

Did you run the mini? How did you do?

If I saw you out there, you better believed I cheered for you!

What’s your fav part about spectating big races?

Are you against running under someone else’s name? (I don’t think they were doing transfers at that point, but we honestly didn’t look into it too much. Hassel free yo…) If we were racing for realz, we’d want our own name on bib for sure.

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