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I received my Runner Passport for Boston in the mail today. I have to say, I wasn’t very excited. I’m distracted and not very motivated. I’m trying to talk myself  into being excited to run with all these people, but I honestly have grown to despise huge races. Too many people. Everywhere.  And ever since I first went,  Boston has always been a little annoying to me. Lot’s of hype, lot’s of money spent and lot’s of running dorks. (myself included)

I’m being ungrateful- but I’m being honest. I joined the Boston 2014 bandwagon on a whim because I felt like it’s what I should do. I think a lot of people did it- the times will tell you that. Everyone wanted to go to Boston this year. And I get it, it’s a special year. Everyone- runners and non runners alike were deeply effected by the race in 2013. And this year will be in memory, in honor of those who lost their lives and who were effected by the tragedy. And as bratty as I sound, I am grateful I am able to run and I get to run this race, I’m just being whiney.

BUT, I  really think I’m done with massive races after this year. Over it. Over the logistics, the whole deal. I’ll happily cheer friends on at the bigger ones that are close (Chicago).

Beyond all that,  you would think I’d be excited for a get away, have some alone time to read, relax, run. Enjoy spending time with the ladies I’ll be staying with. You would think I could get it out of my head that really racing is out the window- but I think everyone lets it linger a bit and think “what if I just feel amazing, even if I’m not trained up for XX time”. I’m here to say if that happens, you will sorely regret thinking it was a good idea at some mile, possibly as early as 12.  I must remember that. I know what I say going into a race and I know how I feel when it’s time to go. A very perfect example for that was the Monumental Marathon, 2012 4 months after having a baby. For moments in that race, I thought I might PR. Really? Settle down. Wasn’t going to happen.

The biggest reason I’m distracted though is, we put our house on the market last Wednesday. We had an offer before we went to bed that night. Six days later, completely unexpected, we put an offer on another house. I randomly stumbled upon this house just browsing on-line and decided I wanted to see it the next day. When looking at houses, Marshall and I usually go and we’ll rule it out before Glenn leaves work to check it out. There was no doubt in my mind he had to see it. We put an offer in the next night.

Now, we are going through inspection process on both houses– not fun but whatever, if it’s meant to be on both ends…. it will be. We are supposed to close on both houses three days after I get back from Boston. And that following Monday should be moving into our potential new home. Oh my goodness. Lot’s going on- but all good.

Just now Glenn literally walked in the door talking about how one of the neighbor kids has gotten pretty big in the six years we’ve lived here. This kid was probably 7 when we moved in and he’s 13 now. His voice is getting deep, we see him talking on the phone to girls outside, he’s gone from a friendly running over to see what we’re up to, to a “What up Glenn”, walking by cooly with his friend.  When we first moved in, him and his  cousin would come over and play the wii and run around in the back  yard with Cadence.

We will miss this house. I’m ready for more space, but this house is special. It is the first home we ever owned. And I will always rub it into Glenn that I found it- and now I get to say the same about this next house.

Sigh, I suppose I’ll have a sentimental goodbye Guilford Ave. post coming soon, but I’m not saying farewell just yet. 

Here we are the day we moved into the house.  It’s crazy to think we were only 24.

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