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Running Less, Biking More

We finally had our blog redesigned and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I found Wacky Jacqiu’s Designs on etsy at a price you can’t beat and am really happy with the outcome – she did a transfer from blogger to wordpress and installed everything I requested with design as well. It took some time, but we got there- I’m pretty sure that it’s always a pretty long process no matter who you hire!

I was getting back into the swing of things running wise pretty good but came down with a nasty stomach bug on Monday night and took two days off and am thinking the next couple of days will be slow going.

I decided for my long run last weekend to hang right where I was and do another 15 miles, just at a quicker pace.

Last week looked like this:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 10.5 Mi Run @8:18- Treadmill

Tuesday: 17 Mi Bike

Wednesday: 7.5 Mi Run @8:00 – Treadmill

Thursday: 20 Mi Bike

Friday: Rest (much needed and appreciated!)

Saturday: 15.5 Mi Run@ 7:44 – Outside, Meridian Kessler, Monon to 86th, back to Meridan Kessler 8:20, 7:50, 7:58, 7:45, 7:45, 7:40, 7:30, 7:23, 7:32, 7:40, 7:42, 7:22, 7:18, 7:43, 8:14

I was happy with Saturday’s run- I pushed the middle to end miles to a pace that felt somewhat hard and by the end, I was ready for a cool down mile with my dog. In a way, the run was both a confidence booster and a reality check. I felt good to pick it up a bit on a long run, but it also very much told me, I’m not where I need to be to run a 3:10 marathon in Boston. When I ran that cool down mile, I was really shot. I still have some time, but I don’t know how long it will really take me to get to where I was.

I have consciously decided to put some bikes in there instead of thinking I have to run everyday. I like to run most days, but I don’t think returning to 6 days a week right off the bat is good for me mentally or physically right now. Running on tired legs is ok and good sometimes, but when they are too tired and beat up it’s hurting more than helping in my opinion. It’s just a little frustrating to know where you were and want to run at that level, when you can’t right now and even if you can, shouldn’t. You can’t just pick right up where you left off because then you are asking for injury and disappointment.

I said I was going to start incorporating swimming as soon as I could and dang it, my gym has some major pool construction going on and it’s closed for the entire month of March! I’ve been keeping up on my plyometric lunges and squats, clearly I mostly just run, because those suckers really get my heart rate up.

Anyway- just a brief check in. I’ve been feeling kind of stale on my writing lately and I’m not one to write a post just to write a post. If I’m feeling up to it- will go 17 Mi on Saturday, super easy. Who’s running long Saturday that wants to get in on that with me?

Also- if you know of anyone who would be interested in my new training program for the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon please send them the info. This program is going to be fun, while also encouraging growth in running for all the ladies involved. Lot’s of goals to be accomplished! I’d love to recruit some more ladies- my goal is 45! I not only like to make my own running goals public but other goals as well- it holds me accountable and makes me want to work for it and get it done.

I am getting some tri-fold brochures printed tomorrow and if you’re in the Indy area and have a place to set them out at your office- I’d love to bring some by! Seriously let me know if I can and I will drive to wherever you work and drop them off! Or if you have a health initiative at your work and think they’d pass the info along to interested people- I can send you an email I’ve already drafted up.

By the way- did you see this adorable picture I posted on Instagram of Glenn & Marshall the other day at SoBro Cafe? LOVE! We took advantage of the nasty weather Sunday morning and went to brunch. The day that everyone else stays home, is the day it’s good to take Marshall to a restaurant. If you’ve never tried Sobro Cafe, do it- it’s so good and very vegetarian friendly. Their staff is always kind and I really just love the vibe.


What do you think of our new blog design? (Harder to tell on mobile)

How do you handle a return to running after some time off?

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