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New Boobs!

I’m getting my new boobs today! Hooray! 

If you have been following along our blog for a bit, you probably know that back in June, I found out I have the BRCA 2 gene mutation.

I don’t talk about a lot of the details with the gene mutation because honestly it scares me when I dig into all of it BUT, I have chosen and will continue to do everything in my power to control what I CAN control and to have PEACE about what I can’t control.

A very brief explanation of what I’m dealing with here:

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes that EVERYONE has, these genes produce tumor suppressor proteins. When one of the genes is mutated, you do not have the protection to repair damaged DNA and cells, and you are more likely to develop alterations that can lead to cancer. This gene mutation was discovered by a crazy smart scientist in 1994. So, when my Grandma had breast cancer in 1989, the mutation wasn’t even discovered.

The mutated gene can be inherited from your mother or father and if one of your parents carries the mutation, your risk of inheriting it is 50 percent.

My mom is the culprit for me- my Grandma is the culprit for her and we believe my Great-Grandpa is the culprit for my Grandma. (He died of prostate cancer). Sadly, this means Marshall and any of my future children will have to be tested as well. But, this is not something to worry or even think about until they are much older.

    So, here we are today. I’m getting breast implants today, not something you do every Friday. The recovery time for this surgery is 4 weeks, but my plastic surgeon likes to tell me she might let me off early. Either way, it won’t take near as much out of me physically or emotionally as the first surgery. 

    I don’t have anything profound to say right now. I feel like I should, but I don’t, I’m just glad to move on. My mom was right though, I do feel stronger and more confident to face hard situations. 

    Oh an I am really freaking hungry right now because my surgery isn’t until 1pm and I haven’t been able to eat since last night. 

    Cheers to new boobs.

    Oh and also- Marshall and I got to go to Florida to visit my sister, her kids, aunts, uncles and grandparents over the weekend.

    A few things I learned from this experience:

    • You don’t have time to be scared to fly when you are managing a crazy 19 month old. 
    • Only an insane individual would chose to fly with that kid again. I’ve done a few hard things in life and that might top the list. We were up and down the aisles at least 40 times, there was a temper tantrum on the floor in the back of the plane, random ladies were trying to help me, I cried twice and flight attendants were giving me free drinks. 
    Here are some pics from our trip:

    Oh wait- first you need to watch this video, apparently Marshall likes to dance with Indians:

    This was from our flight down- the flight home was MUCH worse. 

    Marshall and my Grandma (Mimi to him) talking about the water & the ducks
    With my sisters Ericka & Shelby, Marshall, and niece and nephew Giovanna and Gunner. 
    I could ask you questions here, but what’s there to to ask?! haha…. Have you ever had breast implants? 

    Do you know anyone who has the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation?

    I’ll give you $500 dollars if you take on trying to fly with Marshall Hein. Kidding. Kind of. 
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