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Week 2 – Mohican 50

If you noticed I really only blog about training… exciting I know but its what I like to talk about. Here’s another training log.

Overall, it was a good week. I am not where I’m ultimately hoping to be but that is expected with taking 8+ weeks off any real training. I ended up running every day and I am fine with that. I am working on slowly building up my resistance to be able to handle 10-12 runs a week so 7 runs in 7 days is a step in that process. 

Week 2

  • 7 runs
  • 64 miles
  • 2ish workouts

Monday – 8 miles

Easy/recovery miles from the weekend double. 7:42 pace. I am making a point to slow down my easy runs this cycle.

Tuesday – 7 miles

More easy running. 7:30 pace or so.

Wednesday – 10 Miles

Medium range run. 10 miles…I love that distance. 7:24 pace

Thursday – 7 miles

2 Mile warmup 

4 mile descending tempo. Used the first two miles to work down from 6:40 to 6:11. Ran last two miles @ 6:11 & 6:03 
1 mile cool down. 

I have a lot of work to do to get into any sort of race shape. Happy with the workout though.

Then it was requested that I do a little treadmill maintenance.


The problem. 
Fixed. Power still works. Also lubed the deck. Success.

Friday – 8 miles

Recovery run. 7:42 pace

Saturday – 14 miles

Long run day. Steady the whole time. 7:14 pace.

Sunday – 10 Miles

Light hill work with a progressive finish. Doing a workout after my Saturday long run is going to be a staple of the Mohican training. Got in about 800 feet of climbing. 7:12 pace overall. Ran the last four miles faster and faster. 6:40 down to 5:56 at the end. Happy with how the workout went coming off the 14 yesterday.

Like I said, pretty standard week. Liking how I am feeling as I getting comfortable with more running and finally feel back into the swing of things. I’ll probably stay around 65 miles or so for a couple weeks as I absorb and adapt to the training. We’ll see how I feel about things in a couple weeks but I kind of like the doubles on the weekend so far.

Another thing that I am working on this cycle is making sure to “work up and into” my stress sessions. I am trying very hard to ease into them and make sure that I feel strong at the end. I think more often than not people hammer the workout from the beginning and then struggle to complete the workout. I know that I am guilty of that myself… it’ss important both mentally and physically to execute a workout in a building/progressive manner. It’s a delicate balance…the workout needs to be hard enough to cause the stress you need to adapt but its need to be done in a manner that it doesn’t set future training back. The goal is the race and not nailing workouts. Remember that. The race is the goal! 


Lindsey and Marshall are in Florida this weekend visiting Shelby and Co so I am home alone! Party!!! So naturally I started a new show.. since Breaking Bad is over now for the second time :(. The show you ask? The Wire. I have always heard  great things and I must say it is pretty good so far. I am five episodes in. We are bootlegging an HBO Go subscription from my parents. Yeah that’s right. I have no shame in that.

I also fixed the treadmill. The outlet needed to be fixed. Just call me Bob Villa.

And I kind of miss this guy:

Happy training.
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