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I’ve been running mostly easy since returning to running in November. There have been some hard miles here and there when I feel up to it or get bored with the easy stuff.

I typically do tempo or speed type work on Wednesdays whether I’m training for something or not. Just because. So, today I decided to take some speed on. It was challenging, but it made my hour of running go by much quicker than my normal easy pace. I warmed up 15 min, tempo/progression 35 min, with a 10 min cool down.

The last 10 min of the tempo, I had a mixture of ugly faces, big smiles and lot’s of singing (hopefully not out loud). Usually on my easy runs, I people watch like crazy and “live tweet” from the treadmill, but I could have easily been the subject of a “live tweet” yesterday. “Girl with the bad boob job needs to stop smiling and making ugly faces at the same time.” (Only 5 more weeks until these expanders are out- won’t be bad for long!!) Something about the last few minutes of a tough workout, I usually end up smiling because the hard work has felt good and I’m so thankful to have accomplished it and complete it. Ready to take on the world. Or at least take on Marshall for the rest of the day. 

I’ve been into running for an hour a lot of days. I like the hour, I break it up into 15 minutes chunks in my head and it’s super manageable. 
Below is what my training has looked like since I was cleared to run:

I have 5 more weeks of building before I have my reconstruction surgery. I’m planning to hit 20 miles for my long run sometime during the week of January 6th. I’ll feel much better about my 4 week post surgery down time if I have a 20 miler under my belt first!

And when the winter comes- the treadmill & I become good friends. And with the treadmill comes a lot more music listening. I actually don’t mind cold weather running too much myself (if it’s not 5am or still dark out), but honestly the treadmill is just easier than a stroller run when it’s super cold out.

So here’s a little playlist action for you:

1. Outta My System– My Morning Jacket

2. Sydney – Brett Dennen

3. Only Prettier – Miranda Lambert

4. Safe and Sound – Capitol Cities

5. Holdin on to Black Metal – My Morning Jacket

6. Something Beautiful – NeedtoBreathe

7. B.O.B. – Outkast

8. Heart of the City – Jay-Z

9. The Fixer – Pearl Jam

10. 25 to Life – Eminem

11. My Chick Bad – Ludacris

12. ATLiens – Outkast

13. Lover of the Light – Mumford and Sons

14. Marker in the Sand – Pearl Jam

15. Sounds like Hallelujah – The Head and the Heart

How many days a week do you do speed/tempo work? 

Do you enjoy cold weather running?

Are you a treadmill hater? (stay tuned for a post on that soon!)


  1. I used to do speed work on a track once a week (I’m out of the habit now) but several friends would do speed one day, tempo another, and a fast-finish long run a third. That would kill me! I could barely manage just the one day! Thanks for sharing the music list – I’m always looking for new songs or my running lists. I get tired of the same-old.

    1. Oh man! Three speed days- no thanks! I’m a once a week speed girl plus some harder miles on long runs sometimes! No problem- would love to hear your favorites!

  2. With the crazy January-like weather we’ve been getting this week, I’ve realized I just need to embrace the treadmill to get strong training in for Boston. The treadmill always seems tougher than running outside to me, but music always helps (and I added some of your suggestions to my playlist!) You have a really strong base goin’, my friend! Looking forward to a few more weeks of the same before real training begins. Can’t wait to follow along 🙂

    1. Embracing the treadmill is where it’s at- I will say, I don’t think I could do it without my kindle. Large font gets me through, plus have read some great books that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise read- especially if all my runs were outdoors! Win win! Thanks- hope you liked the PJ today! We have to get together in Boston this year for a meet up with some runner friends!!

  3. I dont hate the treadmill, I look at it as a tool. I think a huge portion of my pacing success has been from treadmill training. Obviously once winter starts winding down and I have been running inside more than out.. I’ll be craving more outdoor runs and less milling time. But in general I think of it as a training tool and not a punishment for living in a cold weather state.

    1. That’s an awesome way to look at it- it’s a tool. Plus- on days like how it’s been here in Indiana recently, it’s not like you could do any kind of speed outdoors because it’s so icy! I’m with you on the pacing thing- although I haven’t mastered, nor am I certain I ever will your amazing discipline at the beginning of a race and hard core push the end for a negative split every time- there is something to be said for forcing yourself to a fast finish on the treadmill!! Congrats again on your race- I read your report on my phone earlier today- BALLIN!

  4. Speed / tempo – Tuesdays & Thursdays

    Enjoy cold weather running? — Once I get out there. Take Tuesday for instance — only time I could run was before work — so 6am & 10 miles in the dark on footing that was not the best. Meant I couldn’t (ok, didn’t feel safe) going quite the pace I should for the 5 mile steady state … but I managed & got it in – feel good enough for a period I’m maintaining & not a definite goal race I’m training for on the horizon.

    Hate the treadmill? — Hate is such a strong word. I DO dread it. But it can be a useful tool. I used it lots in 2011 and it meant I got in the workouts I needed to that I could not do outside in the ice. I don’t like going someplace to use the treadmill though, so not having one at home now and not being sure if I’ll get booted from the ones at work (30 minute limit if there is peak demand / a wait) means a trip to a gym. But it worked out (pun intended) yesterday to use the one at work – with the only annoyance being when the treadmill shuts off after an hour and having to restart. Fortunately I had squeezed in almost all the fast stuff by then. Way more thoughts on this than I intended … so in summary … Hate? No. Grudging acceptance when necessary is probably as good as it gets for me.

    1. I so agree with you- once you get out there it’s not so bad. Motivating yourself to get out there when it’s still dark out is the hardest! Haha- I enjoy speed work on the treadmill, I don’t know why, think I like having the buttons to push!!

  5. I am going to copy your playlist and the next time I run I’ll pretend I’m you. I tried the treadmill on the first day of my winter schedule. I lasted 1.5 miles, went out and bought one of those full head hat things and have been outside every day since. My coldest was 3 degrees that felt like -20 because of the windchill. I actually ended up being warm towards the end of that run. I do not care. I will never run on a treadmill again. I’d rather run around the indoor running track at 16 times per mile than get on that dumb, stupid treadmill. My biggest challenge has been the bumpy sidewalks and roads due to inefficient shoveling and plowing. The little spike thingies on the bottom of my shoes have kept me upright so far.

    1. Hi Belle! haha, that made me laugh thinking of you pretending to be me on your run. If you dress for it, you can run in almost any weather- in your temps though, I’d be on the treadmill even more than I am now! haha. I want to hear as much about your training as your willing to give! Hope it’s going well- will email you soon!

  6. I have embraced the treadmill, for sure. For a long time, I could not take it for more than 4-5 miles, then I tested a few longer runs, then I did a steady pace 10 miler and felt GREAT, which boosted my thoughts on treadmill running. Either way, I live in a great area, but not far from downtown of a major metro area, so I have never felt too safe running in the dark. Now that Sunset is at 5:30, and sunrise isn’t until 7ish….I can hardly ever run outdoors without a friend!

    1. I’m feel the same way! I like our area (although sometimes it is a little ghetto) but would never feel safe running in the dark!

  7. Colleen

    Lindsey, I just came upon your blog…and I must say, it is the most perfect time. I am too, a runner. I eat, breathe, and sleep running. I also carry BRCA1 gene mutation and will be having a prophylactic mastectomy on Thursday 12/19. Your blog is beyond inspiring and I am so happy I have found you 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen! I’m sorry to hear you carry the BRCA1 gene mutation- what an ugly beast. Great news that we can do so much to prevent and be so proactive. Modern medicine is an amazing thing. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Know that the first two weeks are tough, but it only gets easier every day. Please let me know if you ever have any questions or if there is anything I can do to be supportive of your journey. And if it can make any sense- try to enjoy the down time while you are recovering from surgery. Rest, rest rest. Love, Lindsey

    2. Colleen

      Lindsey, justttt resting and thought about you. All went well. I did have about 24 hours where I really felt horrible, but each hour after that has been better and better. I am able to keep food down, adjusting to meds and I am really just sore. I cant even say its truly pain. Thanks for thinking of me. And I will check back with you as I progress further into recovery and closer to laces back up those sneaks! XOXO

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