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Drumstick Dash

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We spent the day in Crown Point with Glenn’s family. Marshall had a rough day and so we ended our day with an extra shot.Think he has some teeth coming in- something that has never really bothered him, but the guy didn’t feel good and I felt so bad. I got him up when he cried around 10pm (something I NEVER do) and let him come down and hang with the adults, but nothing seemed to work. If it happens again tonight, I’m putting a little whiskey on his gums, old school style. 

Whiskey. Mine had some girly additions. 
But, we started the day with the drumstick dash yesterday- we skipped it last year because Marsh was so small but the tradition was back this year I don’t have much to say about it, but it was fun! We live two miles south of Broad Ripple Ave. where the race starts, so Choy met us at the house and we jogged up to the start. 
I was a little anxious about how Marshall would handle being in the stroller for so long in the cold (20 degrees), but he was super bundled and honestly did pretty well other than a minor meltdown in the starting corrals. I was getting some looks and I just raised my hand and owned that I had the screaming kid who was probably freezing and maybe should have stayed home. 
We timed it so we got the race just 15 minutes before the start, but it was still a little too much down time for him. With a race of 18,000, we wanted to make sure we got there at least in time to snag a spot that wasn’t where the walker were. 
Thankfully since it was Thanksgiving, people weren’t too crabby about me and my big stroller taking up a lot of space in the neck to neck sea of people. 
We started out a little in front of the “9 min pace” signs, but everyone knows that doesn’t mean much. Somehow walkers will even find there way up to where the 7 min mile pace is. I was afraid if we went too far to the front people would get pissed though. 
We ended up weaving and passing people the entire race, even hopping on the sidewalk for some of the it. We really had a lot of fun and I pushed a little hard here and there, we had some Jay-Z playing on my phone and talked most of the race. 
We ended up running 7:28 pace for the race, which was 4.6 miles. I’m glad we kept it fun, but it made me want to really race with the stroller. It makes you feel strong to pass people with the stroller. And that’s just the truth. 

Here are some fun pictures from the race: 
Pre Race!
Glenn, Choy & Marshall
This was somewhere around mile 3.5- we were having a lot of fun.  Representing Oiselle!

AHHHH sweet boy. 
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