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The definition of TMI. Boobs, Boobs, Boobs.

I’ve been back at the running thing for almost 2 weeks now. Yippie! Back to our usual…

I have my reconstruction surgery date tentatively set for January 15th. I’m going to pester them to see if they’ll bump it up to the week before because I’m trying to do a little Florida trip with my older sister to visit my younger sister and her kids that weekend. I swear the nurse hates me because I’m always trying to get my restrictions lifted early and move the process along too faster. I already asked once, but after doing some calculations I don’t see why they denied letting me do it the week before unless she just didn’t have time on her schedule.

I’ve gone to my plastic surgeon three times now for fills and it’s weird EVERY time. She has a little metal detector thing and finds the port in my expander and gives me what feels like a shot and literally just fills them. (I can’t really feel much… I mostly feel pressure and what I know is a prick) You sit there and watch your boobs grow and then they are sore for a couple of days.

This week I wasn’t able to find help with Marshall so he came with. He sat on my lap and played with the saline bag. He was so intrigued by what she was doing to his mom that he actually kind of sat still. First time watching his mom get boob fills. Good stuff.

In my pre surgery post, I talked about the things I was nervous/scared about, including the drainage tubes, expanders & numbness:

– The drainage tubes were definitely as bad as I imagined and while mine stayed in longer than most, it really wasn’t all that long (2 weeks). And when it was time for them to come out- one of my best friends is an RN, so I had front door service. It’s love when your friend comes over and takes your drainage tubes out.

Expanders are 10 times less weird than I thought they would be. The concept is weird, but since I’m not sore from surgery anymore, I often forget they are even there. Until I change my clothes. Or bump into something and my boobs are hard as a rock.

The numbness sucks. I can’t really feel much and it’s freaking weird. Every time I need the band aides to come off after getting filled I make Glenn do it because I can’t stand to touch them. Freaks. me. out. This was something I anticipaed and I STILL REALLY don’t like it. I’m sure it will all get better though and it’s really not that big of a deal. But, no sugar coating, it sucks.

And what was much harder than I anticipated was not being able to lift Marshall. I had a weight restriction of 3-5 lbs for the first two weeks. I obeyed that pretty much perfectly, with lot’s of amazing help from our families and friends. But then my weight restriction went to 10-15 lbs for the next four weeks and I started feeling like myself again. Marshall weighs around 22 lbs, so that lasted approximately one week. There is only so much time your family and friends can take off and help you lift your kid out of his crib. I’ve often said this time period would have been MUCH easier if I went to work Mon-Fri, but my full time job is chasing this crazy kid around and the most exhausting part was not being able lift him as much as you’d like. While I did break the rules, I tried to limit it, so I found myself on the floor more than usual, which is already a lot.

What’s going down now: 

After my first fill, my boobs were already larger than they’ve ever been (other than when I was breastfeeding) and it’s just weird, like I’m in that 13 year old awkward stage that I never actually went through at 13 like most girls. I felt self conscious at the gym for the first time this week after my most recent fill. When I was stretching, I kept looking in the mirror thinking this looks normal right? People can’t tell? I don’t know.

I’m only due for one more fill. I’m not a boob person. I like my small boob self, but I can’t justify going through all of this and NOT helping myself out a bit in the department. The runner in me is worried they’ll look weird when running in just a sports bra on the hot summer days. Just a little too perky? Why do those things look so hard? And GASP, what if i have to wear two sports bras? This A cup girl is used to getting by with a size small champion sports bra from target and that’s it.

So, that’s that. I’m thankful for my health and thankful I know that I have this gene and have been able to take charge. And now you know WAY MORE about my boobs than you really need or want to know. 

Here’s my running timeline pre and post reconstruction:

  • Build base November 8th-January 14th. 
  • Enjoy some time off while I recover January 15th-Febuary 12th
  • Build base back up and get in at least one 20 miler February 13th-April 21st.
While I would LOVE a PR in Boston, I don’t know if it’s in the cards. My plan is to enjoy running, enjoy it being carefree and just focus on running a strong race. Sometimes your strongest, most enjoyable races aren’t your PR races. I’ve ran a handful of marathons just for fun or with a friend for their first time. They are rewarding in a different way. I’m not throwing out the idea of a PR, I’m just going to see how everything plays out. 
I’ll write about what my runs will actually consist of, but right now it’s just running pretty easy consistently 5-6 days a week with a hardish mile here and there. We met the Rusted Bear crew out at Morgan Monroe on Saturday and I had my longest run yet of 8 miles. (5 on the trail, 3 on the road) It felt good.

I’m excited to run the drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving with the stroller, although I’ve ran hundreds of miles with the stroller, I’ve never ran a race with it. I’m working on my training plan and will post some details soon! 

Ta Ta!

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