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First POST Surgery Run. Hooray!

Well, well I was cleared to run yesterday– 5 days early whohooo! I’ll be 6 week post surgery this coming Tuesday. October 1st was a date that was hanging over my head from the day I scheduled my surgery & I’m not one to wish any part of life away, but man I’m glad it’s not October 1st, or 2nd or any day remotely close to it anymore! In the words of my niece last night, who is three… I’m the celebration girl. I’m all about celebrating the 6 week recovery being DONE!
Celebration number 1- I went out for my first run today– what we call the MK loop (Meridian Kessler). We made this route up when we first moved to South Broad Ripple and then I used to run it a lot I was pregnant & running shorter distances- it’s around 3.5 miles and runs up Pennsylvania and back down Washington. 
I have to say, I felt 10,000 times more comfortable than my first post giving birth to Marshall run. I honestly think having a C-Section had a lot to do with that though. I know a lot of ladies get out and run much sooner than I did with Marsh (I waited the full 6 weeks). But, it took my lower belly a few good months to feel normal again afterward. I ran two marathons (month four & five post baby) before I really started to feel myself again running. There was some scar tissue stuff going on that had to work itself out, thankfully it did on it’s own. 
So I ran with big C today, pretty easy. I didn’t wear a watch or anything, but I’m sure what felt like a 7:45 minute mile was probably an 8:45-9:00 minute mile.  Regardless, the run made me confident that I can whip back into shape pretty quick, although I know it will take some time. I will have one more hiccup when I have my second surgery and that date is pending. 🙂 That surgery aint no thang compared to surgery number one. 
And this is Cadence running weather. She was basking in the cold and sun. You better believe I rocked the Budweiser shades for my first run back. 
SOOOO, you wanna know what those tunes were for my first run back? Don’t get too excited, the run was only 3.5 miles and my taste in music is ALL OVER the place. 
  • Ain’t Life Grand – Widespread Panic 
    • Just makes me happy.
  • I wanna Dance with Someone – Whitney Houston 
    • Just makes me happy. 
  • Comeback Kid – Brett Dennen
    • Makes me picture myself with a comeback from surgery and crossing the finish line of my next marathon in a time I’m proud of. Can I be the comeback kid that everyone loves like in the song?
  • 22 – Taylor Swift 
    • Makes me wanna dance, and run fast, and be 22, and then I remember 30 is way better than 22 in reality.
  • I’m Amazed – My Morning Jacket
    • Makes me happy- wanna sit on the front porch with a sour beer & listen to this again later.
  • Fastest Girl in Town – Miranda Lambert 
    • Makes me wanna run fast.
What are your top 5 running songs? Do tell, do tell!!
If you’ve had a baby- how long did you wait post baby to start running? 
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