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Surgical bra’s are sexy right?

Whoohooo! I’m halfway through week two of recovery and feeling so much better than even two days ago. There’s still a lot to do but the worst part is over.

I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to have family to help us out. Not really sure what we’d do without them.

I was at my parents house all week last week with tons of help from my family and this past week,  Marshall and I have been staying at Glenn’s sister’s house in Crown Point all week. They have a huge house with a ton of room for the crazy kid to run around and enough toys to keep him busy for 10 years. (Don’t get any ideas Marshall, you will never have that many toys)

Being in Crown Point has been a nice opportunity for Marshall to spend time with his cousins Sofia and Evan and he has also become quite attached to Grandma Peggy.

We have totally been out of our element and although he has adjusted awesomely, I’ll be ready to get back to our regular routine as soon as I have the energy and the weight restriction is lifted.

Marshall & his cousin Sofia. You might be bigger than me, but gimme that food. This kid is the biggest mooch you’ve ever seen. 
Ice Cream!

But the truth is, I’m still hanging out like this:

In my oh so sexy surgical bra. And I shower with this cute little necklace thing so I can attach the tubes to it. This is real life right now and it ain’t always pretty. 

I’m tired. But I’m stronger than I was yesterday. And the day before that. I’m sick of these tubes. And darn it I’m ready to have my energy back. All that being said, I’m thankful that it is this week and not last. I am feeling like a brand new person compared to last week!
At this rate- I’m going to have to get over having the tubes out and just rock them on Sunday while race spectating. And really, I need to get over it, it’s not the end of the world. But if you see me walking around with bulges in my shirts, it’s the damn bulbs the tubes drain into… K?!
SO, speaking of Sunday. I’m stoked to be a cheerleader. Cheering at marathons might be one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing people experience the marathon. Everyone is running a different kind of race from the next person and I like to see it all. 
I’m going to get out there early enough to see the leaders. The plan is to be at miles 13, 17 & 25. Logistics for marathon spectating can be crazy and if you want to cheer for people who are different speeds, forget hopping around too much, you won’t make it back in time! As much as I want to cheer for everyone, my main goal is cheering for GHEIN. 
Although I will be kind of sad heading to the next spot before any somewhat normal runners (running over a 3:00 hr marathon is what I’m calling normal haha) come by. When spectating marathons, I always like to size up the ladies who would be running where I’d like to be. I think I’ll have that chance at mile 25 though once Glenn goes by, I’ll hang there and wait for him and I’d say the 3:10 or so crowd should be coming by by the time he gets back to me. 
Right now, Glenn is passed out on the couch. He feel asleep hard 2 minutes after he laid down. I would NEVER be able to pull that off. I swear he could fall asleep in no time, anywhere. I know he’s nervous about the race, but I know he’s ready for it and will be confident when he needs to be. He’s also nervous that he has a cold. He got a hint of a cold on Tuesday, it’s been lingering, but hasn’t evolved to anything. I think it’s just a very mild thing and will NOT mess with him on Sunday. This guy that I married, he is tough and he works harder than anyone I’ve ever seen when it comes to running. He knows this race is going to hurt like heck. He told me today he fully planned on it hurting much worse than Ironman Wisconsin. Which is a different kind of hurt all together, but still you get what I’m saying. 

His heart is there, his body is ready and I know he wants it. Time to DO WORK. 
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