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Athlete Highlight- Running in Alaska!

There are so many things I have grown to love about coaching. One of those things happens to be that we get to work with people here locally and also people who live across the country…. including places like Alaska. Oh the internet is so cool. 

Martha came to us looking to improve her half marathon PR. In the short time that we’ve coached her (12 weeks!), she ran her first marathon and coming off of that race she transitioned into training for her next half marathon. 

Over these past 12 weeks, Martha has worked really hard. It’s pretty interesting to hear about her runs….  She loves running with her dog and the nature of her runs are so different from what we experience here in Indiana. She actually see’s Moose on her runs. Moose! She also does a lot of trail running and schedules a lot of her runs around one of her other interests… fishing. 

Get to know Martha a little better: 

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Half Marathon PR: 2:16
Marathon PR: 5:28:18

Goal Race: Disneyland Half Marathon, September 1st 2013 

Why do I run: I run because it makes me happy.  I run to clear my mind or to make myself so tired it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my head.  I run for my dog who is always ready to go, no matter the weather. I run for the 30 seconds or five minutes or ten minutes that I feel awesome while I’m running.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I run to see how far I can push myself, to constantly try and be better than I was last time.  I run for others, for those who can’t run, those who won’t, those who don’t.  I run to be outside and experience nature.  I run for the people in the running community.  I’ve met some awesome and inspiring people because of running.  I run to inspire others. I run because I can.  

Favorite post run food: Lately smoothies have been my go to post run food.  Probably because they are cold.  I usually make them with a banana, almond milk, a handful of spinach, scoop of protein powder, and frozen cherries or blueberries.  Sometimes I add a scoop of almond butter.  Also pickles, mostly after races.  They start sounding good around mile 9 of a half, and then I can’t stop thinking about them until I eat one. 🙂 

This Sunday, Martha will run the Disneyland Half Marathon. She has put the work in to earn that PR she wants. Now, her mind has to believe what her body can most certainly do. Parts of the race might feel tough at times, but she is ready and we can’t wait to see how she does!

Go get it done Martha, we know you can.

Let’s all leave a comment and cheer her on and support her here- make her feel the love! 
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