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Carmel Road Racing Group Summer Series 5K

It had been a long time since I ran a 5K about four years to be exact. The last 5K I ran was in March 2009. It was the Big Ten Hoops 5K. We were training for some Spring races. Lindsey was going to do Boston and I was going to Kentucky Derby. I ran a 19:35.

Flash forward, 4 years and I was really wanting to run a 5K again. I had planned on running one out in Brownsburg the other weekend but then ended up going to the Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field…so that 5K was out.

Lindsey had told me about the Carmel Road Racing Group 5K Summer Series a couple weeks ago. She is doing some PR work on the side for Todd and CRRG and it seemed like a great idea. $10, a measured course, a chipped time, and an afterparty.

The 1st one was last Thursday @ 6:40. Do you want to hear my race review? It sucked! It was hard. It was humid. My legs hurt. It hurt. I ran a 17:40. I had grand illusions that I would be able to break 17…haha that is funny. I had done a 5×1 mile repeat workout the week earlier nailing the repeats in 5:25 or so I thought sub 17 would be fine. WRONG!!! Running is funny like that. Somedays it works, somedays it does not.  Coming into to the race, I had raced Eagle Creek four days earlier and did a nine mile tempo run the day before…so yeah I was in prime racing shape. Not sure what I was thinking there. Apparently I am delusional.

I must say though it is a great series. Cheap, fun course (not fast…but fair), cool swag, beer samples…did I mention cheap?

Here are some pics from me suffering last week. Terry Fletcher from Indiana Trail Running was out taking pics…they are amazing! Hopefully he’ll be out for all the races.

This might be the coolest pic EVER

Race Start. The two guys in matching jersey’s won Lindsey BoMF relay last year. Team Honey Badger
Thinking this won’t be bad

My back looks huge. Clock time was 17:36…my watch said 17:40

Wrong. End of Suffering. Somehow I won.

The next race in the series is next Thursday, August 22nd. I’ll be racing again…and hopefully on fresh…at least fresher  legs this time. I am going to take that shot at 17 again. I think I can get it with some good legs.

5Ks are not fun.

Oh and since I did not post this last night….as Lindsey said I could not. Per Blogging 101 you can’t post two in a day. It is our Anniversery today! 5 years! Happy Anniversary Lindsey! Crazy! Awesome. Can’t believe its been 5 years already…we have a kid. We are adults now. I wouldn’t trade the last 5 years for anything! Wonder if she will take me somewhere nice tonight?

Questions: Do you like racing shorter distances? 5K? 10K? What do you think about midweek races? Do you have a series like this near you? Where should we go to dinner?

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