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I ran a lot this week.

I’m training for the Indy Women’s Half Marathon because, well I don’t really know how to handle life if I’m not training for something. I ran it last year, about 10 weeks after having Marshall. It was hard then, but it will be hard in a much different way this year.

I don’t have a full marathon on my schedule for the fall at this point. BUT, apparently that whole training for a half ironman thing was the break I needed to want to run a lot again.

I ran 54 miles last week…. I peaked at 60 miles when training for my spring marathon, so I’m not sure what’s gotten into me. I had planned to run around 45-50 but went over by a little. I like it, for now at least.

Here’s what went down with me and my legs this week: 

Monday- 11 miles, 8 w/ stroller, 3 w/ dog

Tuesday- 5 miles, (treadmill at home) plus 1,000 meter swim at gym. But I mostly just went to the gym to shower and figured I might as well swim some laps while I’m there

Wednesday- 8 miles w/ 6 @ Tempo @ 6:40-6:50 pace, on monon with speed group BIG THANKS to Choy for pushing me on this run! I needed it. The hardest part of a 6 mile tempo are miles 3-4 when the mental games start happening. Was happy to finish strong though.

Thursday- REST

Friday- 10 miles, 4 alone, 6 with my sister downtown.

Saturday- 17 miles @ 7:30ish pace w/ 2 mile fast finish, 5 alone, 12 with Ashley

Sunday- 3 miles, w/ the dog.

What do I like about the runs this week?  They were all pretty different, as far as where and what I did, who I ran with and what the purpose was. Changing all that up is important… for me.

I think I’ll run a lot of miles again this week. Really just because I want to. Not because I have to. Not because it’s in my training plan. Because I really want to. That feels good.

ALSO- Did you know we celebrated Glenn’s 30th birthday on Wednesday? 30. He beat me to it and I’m glad. He also has recently had some new gray stubble, another thing I’m glad he beat me to. Oh- and what did I get him for his birthday? Clothes. I got him clothes, because he refuses to buy himself clothes. I throughly like that he’s not into that sort of thing, but sometimes, you need to freshin up the closet and it’s time.

And we got to see family in Crown Point: This is our nephew Evan. He snuggles a lot better than Marshall does. Also Evan is almost 6 months, Marshall is almost 14. They are also almost equal in size.  Ignore my ratty hair, thanks. 

And these two are just really cute, so in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought I’d make sure you saw this adorable pice of my boys. 

Anyone running the Indy Women’s Half?

Do you prefer to do your speed work on treadmill or outside? With or without music? Alone or with friends?

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