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Week 1 done….15 to go

Week 1 is in the bag. It finished yesterday with with a 14 mile fast finish run. That run was hard. Real hard. 14 miles was the furthest I have ran since returning from injury in April. Did I mention that it was hard? The first 10 miles were ran at about 6:50 and then the plan was to run the last 4 around 6:10-6:05….well that didn’t happen. Once I started the fast finish I could tell fairly early that I was not ready for it. My plan quickly changed to 3 miles and then I would give myself a mile cool down. I was able to hold about a 6:15 for the last three and then very gladly cool downed the last mile back to the house. In my mind it’s not a question of my fitness just a bad day towards the end. I tried to limit the fuel intake and it was a little humid out…so maybe it is my fitness. Whatever. I’m not worried about it. Not an excuse just what it is. I didn’t have it in me to finish it out strong yesterday.

Overall, Week 1 was quite productive.
7 runs.
56 miles.
2 quality stress workouts.
1 long run.
Bunch of core.
The other highlight…or lowlight…of the week would be the workout on Thursday. It called for 3×2 mile repeats @ 5:50-5:54 with 2:00 recovery. Good god…that thing sucked. I ran it on the Monon where I know mile markers like the back of my hand. I thought it would be a good thing…but as I did the workout it might not have been as I knew how long I had to go. Big mental battle to get through the workout. Wanted to quit. Wanted to stop. Wanted to slow down. It took a lot of coaching to get it done but I got it done and it felt great to get through it and hit the paces. The workout ended up being 9 miles total.
The week ahead has more of the same like week 1. Bunch of easy runs, one speed session, and a steady state 16 mile run this weekend. The speed session will be with the group that Lindsey and I have been doing for a couple of weeks now. **Shameless Plug** if you are Indy come join us. 5:30 AM on The Monon. We meet by Einstein’s. I am using a 14 day cycle for the quality phase of my Chicago plan…and so far I think it will work nicely for me. It gives me more stress workouts and keeps the long runs to the weekend. I am also starting to introduce secondary easy runs 1-2 times per week. I am hoping this will help me recover while still improve my aerobic capacity and efficiency from running more.
I guess the last thing is I am thinking about getting a new watch. I have ran with a Soleus for a couple of years now. It is super basic and gets the job done but I am thinking it is time for an upgrade. I would like to keep it simple still but I am looking for something that does better real time paces. A posted the question on The WWW and got some great feedback, especially from some runners that I really respect. The common theme was Garmin so I guess now it is time to decide which version: 210, 410, 610? Not sure yet. The 610 is pretty $$$ but looks to be pretty sweet. Not sure what to do.
In other news: Pearl Jam has a big announcement coming! Hello. Tour? Album? Jeff playing for the SuperSonics? Eddie on Idol? Only time will tell. Oh and if you think Pearl Jam stopped making music in the 90’s…don’t be stupid….or at least don’t tell me 🙂 
Big Pearl Jam announcement coming…and did you see my clever ‘Lost’ reference?
Questions: What kind of watch do you run with? What do you look for in a watch? Want to run with me this weekend? Will you see Pearl Jam when they tour?
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