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Sister Trip & Marathon Weekend

On Wednesday morning I woke up with mile repeats on the mind. I was doing 4 of them. It felt kind of weird to do 4 mile repeats three days before running a marathon. Glenn reminded me I’m not racing. I think he will be actually upset with me if I make the bad decision and run faster than he’s told me to. Such a stickler that guy.

After I finished my workout, I walked down the stairs at the gym, having a wave of anxiety and guilt. My sister and I were heading out to DC to visit our other sister the next day.

My first trip away from Marshall.  No, I’m obviously not worried about his well-being, I’m leaving him with Glenn and Glenn’s parents are also coming down to babysit on Friday while he’s at work. I’ve just never been away from the little guy.

Don’t do anything new while I’m gone buddy.  (You’d think I was leaving for a 4 month trip.)
I didn’t sleep well last night, but don’t think it had anything to do with being away from Marshall, I was just restless. Two more nights and one marathon away from being back with my baby boy. 

I’m enjoying the trip, it’s weird to be away from someone you have spent every day and most hours of your life with for the last 5 months.

I told Glenn he’ll need to text me a minimum of 50 pictures and give him 100 kisses from me everyday.

Last night we all went to dinner at Red Rocks for some yummy fire brick pizza and margaritas. I started off with a skinny girl or three before we headed out, we were all giggly and having fun.

Tomorrow, sister Ericka and I will be running the Rehoboth Beach Marathon. We are heading over that way in a few hours. Sister, Shelby will be the professional spectator/picture taker. 🙂

My Marathon Pledge:

I will not be an idiot and go out fast. I will run comfortable, 8:00-8:20 miles for the first 13 miles and slowly speed up from there. I will not get overly excited at mile 7 when I feel great (if I do in fact feel great) and speed up. I will hang tight and enjoy the view. (which I’m thinking might be pretty since it’s a beach marathon?) I will enjoy this race and be grateful that I came and that I have the ability to not only run, but make a trip like this. I will come up with something I am thankful for at every mile and think about that. I will finish this race feeling like I could run 5 more miles if I wanted to. I will go find my sister and cheer her in once I”m finished. I will eat amazing food when we are done and enjoy the rest of my trip.

See you at the finish line.

Here are some pics from our weekend so far:

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