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2 days before the Half

When I ran my 11 miles last Friday, I finished feeling a little beat up, but a little confident at the same time. It was hard, especially the last three miles. But I knew I would finish even though it hurt, and I finished knowing I could suffer through another 2 miles to finish the half the following week.

This week I have stuck to three – 3 mile runs. (Side note – I am getting used to running with the jogging stroller- I took it upon myself to clear Marshall for stroller runs… his head moves around more in the car… it’s safe) My right foot has been bothering me a bit and I am hoping it doesn’t get bad during the race on Saturday AND also hoping I’m not being an idiot by picking up the miles so quick and hurting myself.

Beyond picking up the distance… I haven’t bought new running shoes in over a year. That’s right over a year. I whole¬†heartily¬†believe that running stores have runners believing that they NEED to buy new shoes way too often. Why wouldn’t they… they want to sell that pair of running shoes that costs $130 with a 100% mark up. That being said- I actually do need new shoes, these things are beat up. I’ll get some next week after the race.

I still haven’t “raced” a half marathon since 2009. (This is because of my fear of fast running and also we were a little marathon obsessed the past three years, and oh yeah I was pregnant for 9 months) So, obviously 9 weeks after having a baby I won’t set a PR, but I want to run like I used to. I want to push myself, I want to feel like a real runner again. Hopefully my sister will feel the same way, and we can run her to a PR and we will both feel like we accomplished a big goal.

Oh and it’s supposed to rain on Saturday. Goodie! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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