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1/2 Marathon Next Week!

It’s been two weeks since I was cleared to run. The first week was challenging. I thought, this must be what it feels like for a new runner…. it’s hard to run three miles, your legs feel tired for the next three days and the funniest part to me was how sore my abs were. I guess when you don’t use your abs for anything for 6 weeks, you’ll have that.

This picture was the day before Marshall was born, we ran 3 miles… 3 very slow miles. Looking back, I felt great, but man I look swollen!

The day before Marshall was born

My first 5 mile run, which was three days after I was cleared, was so hard and I felt completely discouraged. I took the next day off and came back feeling refreshed for my next run. Last Wednesday, a week after being cleared, I ventured out for 7 miles… and other than the fact that I was hungry, felt amazing. Certainly not back, but I felt strong and confident.

The Indy Women’s Half Marathon is next Saturday, and the plan is to run with my sister, Ericka. She’s ran four five  marathons, but has kind of been crossfit crazy lately and I of course have just started running again after a 6 week time period off… oh and you know having a baby. SO, we might not be feeling so hot once we reach mile 10, but we’ve been there before… you can do anything for 3 miles. Her half marathon PR is 1:52… I don’t know if I’ll be able to run that fast and if she’d be up for it, but if so…  it would be fun to try to break her PR. @ErickaAndersen…. are you up for that?  We’ve never actually ran a race together.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to run 11 miles… my last “long” training run for the 1/2. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of nervous. 

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