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5 Miles Twice in One Week!

On Sunday I crossed the 9 month barrier – 36 weeks pregnant. I’m still running 4-5 days a week, about 2-5 miles. It’s usually one of two standard 3 mile loops.

Last week the weather cooled off quite a bit- we were at 75 degree temperatures rather than 95. I was able to get in a run almost everyday, two of which were 5 miles – a distance I hadn’t ran in quite a few weeks. It felt really good and I was pretty darn proud.

People ask me almost everyday- “When are you going to stop running?” My thoughts- What? What do you mean when am I going to stop running? It won’t happen unless I have to. The plan is to run strong until I deliver. Pregnant or not, I know what keeps me happy. Exercise (and cleaning- but the way I clean… that’s exercise too). I need it for my mental health and piece of mind.

Ignore the weird stains on my shirt. I spill stuff a lot.
My very best pregnant running partner – she appreciates my slowness in the heat!

Top five reasons I’m still running at 36 weeks. (even though it is REALLY HARD sometimes):

1. It keeps me sane. Literally. Pregnant or not. I am a better wife, friend, dogmom, co-worker- just a better person in general. Endorphins anyone? They are freaking real.

2. My recovery after delivery will be much better– although my distance and speed has severely gone down, I’ve still got a base. Starting from square one would be SO hard. Plus some people say labor will be easier since I’ve kept it up… not sure if that’s true though.

3. Although I’ve gained weight in places other than just my belly- (I’m really not enjoying the looks of my thighs and butt these days…) I believe the running has been a big reason, why I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight. I’m right on track at 20-25 lbs right now.

4. I’m so grateful that I can run– and try not to take it for granted… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t run. I hope it is never taken away from me.

 5. Why not? If I tried to come up with a list of reasons why to not run- it would be the same long list of excuses that your average person has for not running. Too tired, my breathing is off, my legs feel heavy, too busy, too tired, too tired… ok see these are excuses and I can’t stand excuses.

THREE MORE WEEKS. Who wants to run with me tomorrow? Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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