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7 More Weeks.

Last week I woke up at 7am everyday except Friday when I got up at 5am to go to BoMF. There was a time when I would consider that sleeping in, even for the weekend. As of late, this is when I get up and I need it. Growing a human is no joke.

It was a high of 87 most days last week, so I knew running would be particularly challenging at 8 months pregnant. I had decent runs, but practically crawled up the hill on Washington (56th-57th st). This is a route I run often pregnant or not and the hill is always annoying, but it has recently become grueling. I was most definitely shuffling my butt up it.

Toward the end of the week I decided- monon it is, I didn’t want to face a bit of a hill in the heat. Monon means seeing a lot of people staring straight at my belly, thinking I’m kind of crazy for running in the heat with my big old belly. I think it’s funny.

I think the heat wore Cadence out more than me.
32 Weeks
32 Weeks

This week I have been a slacker. Yesterday was my first run since Sunday. Work has been extremely busy, so of course that’s my excuse. I did have a good run yesterday- good old 11 minute miles and had Glenn along with me for his “cool down shuffle” after his real run.

I’ll be happy to use these pictures as a motivator. If I’m willing to get out there and get my workout in while carrying this extra 20 lbs… and supporting an extra heart beat…..  I better be ready to get back out there once he’s here.

33 Weeks
33 Weeks
Here’s to 7 more weeks. Due date seems to be quickly approaching. My ribs will be happy to breath again, and I’ll be happy to physically exert myself in a real way again. I’m sure running with a jogging stroller is going to give me a run for my money.

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