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Feeling Huge but still MOVING.

For the most part, my runs have surprisingly become easier in the past three weeks. Just when I think it’s going to turn into a run/walk every time or just a walk, (which it sometimes does) I end up finishing a run feeling much stronger than I imagined. My 5 mile Saturday runs turned into 6, 7 and 8.

There are days when I feel so insanely heavy that I think it might be impossible to pick my legs up and actually run, but every time I do, it almost always works out just fine. It starts out with a shuffle, I pick it up at about 2 miles just in time to either finish strong or if I’m running a little farther, I slow down again and cool down with a shuffle. And for the record, I’m totally cool with my run becoming a shuffle when I need or want it to.

At the doctor on Thursday, I was surprised that I had only gained one pound since my last appointment, which was five weeks ago. The weight gain and growing during this time has apparently mostly been my stomach stretching out. For awhile I thought I was on track to be one of those pregnant women who gain 60 lbs, but now I’m thinking I will top out around 30 when it’s all said and done… at least I hope…

And this is happening to my body now. I’m legitimately freaked out about it. Have I also mentioned that I am terrified to actually give birth? I just keep repeating… everyone was born. People do it all the time.

We are heading to Boston tomorrow and I’m excited to enjoy the race as a spectator. I know there will be a bit of jealousy that I’m not running, but really no thanks!

Often times I think about the woman who ran the Chicago Marathon last year and gave birth the next day. More than anything I just wonder WHY? Why would she even want to do it. My energy has been stripped and as good as I’ve felt weeks 22-28, I’m still really tired a lot. And surely this woman didn’t have a job? I can’t image working all day and getting the training in… especially when your time is basically double because you have to slow down so much. Props to her for being motivated and getting it done, but I am completely uninterested in a pregnant marathon… and the one I ran at 6 weeks doesn’t count as a pregnant marathon. I only kind of knew I was pregnant that day. (Denial People)

I’ll be cheering for this handsome guy on Monday- the question is… will he choose to race or just chill? He says it’s going to be a race morning decision…. and then I’ll know based on my tracking updates. Looking forward to seeing him on Boylston either way.

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