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Running at 25 weeks.

Every day is different. One day three miles will feel awful and long, and some days five miles feels great. On Monday I ran three and felt alright for the first two, then I realized I had become overly confident and was running too fast. (which wasn’t very fast, trust me)

There have been a lot of people out on the monon this week and even though I am clearly pregnant, I can’t help but wonder if people can tell. In a way I like being the pregnant girl out for a run, sometimes people look at you like you are crazy, sometimes they look concerned but usually they just look at you belly and quickly look away.

Although we have been totally open to having a baby for over two years now and at times I felt like I was falling a part at the thought that maybe it wouldn’t happen- now that it’s a reality, I’m kind of freaking out. At 25 weeks, things are starting to get harder- standing up and bending down are actually movements I think about now, rather than just doing. Sleeping is strange. And I’m starting to feel a little trapped.

I love feeling baby kicks and wouldn’t trade this for the world, but honestly this whole creating a human inside my uterus is not my favorite activity. I really do not understand people who say they just love being pregnant.

So for now I’m running 3-5 miles five days a week and on days I don’t run, I walk at least 30-60 minutes. I refuse to give it up until I have to. It is still what keeps me sane. I have not been so good about paying attention to arm or leg workouts though, other than doing 60 lunges 1-2 times a week. I’ll just lay it out there- I feel flabby and out of shape. I’ve already gained 18-20 lbs and don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Glenn tells me I can’t complain about my arms and legs feeling flabby unless I’m willing to work them out so he gave me a nice kick in the butt and busted out the resistance bands. I only did 3 sets of ten biceps and triceps, but hey it’s a start.

Alright- 14.5 weeks to go- not that I’m counting or anything.

Picture below- 25.5 weeks after my 5 mile run yesterday.

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