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FundRacing for BoMF – 500 Festival Mini Marathon

If you know me, you know that running means a lot to me, personally and professionally. Below is my shameless plug to recruit fundraisers for Back on My Feet Indy for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.

 Back on My Feet (BoMF) is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating independence and self-sufficiency within the homeless and other underserved populations by first engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.

Personally, I think the $1,000 FundRacing minimum scares people away, but if you break it down it’s really not that bad. You have to be creative and you have to be fun with it. AND I think one of the most fun ways to raise the money would be to partner up with your friends and do it as a group. Of course if you do it that way….. then you have to already have your bibs- which a lot of people do!

Weather you have a bib already or not-you can FundRace for Back on My Feet Indianapolis for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon! Back on My Feet has bibs for the SOLD OUT race.

FundRace as an individual or with a Team!
We will set up an on-line fundraising page to help with your efforts!

  • FundRace as an individual – With 15 individual FundRacers for the mini marathon, we can raise $15,000 for the Indianapolis program! That is a huge contribution! It costs $1,800 to put a member through our entire program, by raising $15,000 we can put 8 new members through the program.
  • FundRace with your Running Group  – Do you run with a group of friends who are training for the mini? Why not make it a group effort and raise the money together? With 10 runners, that’s only $100 each! It’s as simple as recruiting 10 people to contribute $10 to your campaign! Your group of friends would have their own fundraising page as a team effort that you can all share with your different networks- the donations would come in from all over!
  • FundRace with your fellow employees – Are there a group of runners at your place of work who are training for the mini? Create a corporate team and FundRace together as a department or entire corporation! What a great team building way to give back to your community!

The fundraising minimum for this race is $1,000 – which may sound like a lot at first, but break it down and be creative!

  • Analyze the Goal – Think of it as 25 donations of $40 or 20 $50 donations.
  • Examine and Activate Your Network  – Start off by making a list of individuals who would be targets to support!
  • Create a Personal Fundraising Plan with Benchmarks – Give yourself goals along the way, breaking it down is less overwhelming!
  • Look for “Multiples” – Often times companies offer matching gifts programs and sometimes a family member or friend will match donations as well!
  • Step Six: Develop a Communication Strategy – How will you communicate your efforts? How about a blog specific to your efforts -create entries about your workouts and keep supporters updated on how your training is going. Doing this will remind everyone why you are working so hard. Utilize facebook and twitter! Make it a challenge for not only yourself but those supporting you as well! Example Tweet – “In the next 100 minutes, help me raise $100 for my Back on My Feet FundRacing Campaign!”

Still need ideas for fundraising?

  • Host a fundraising party!
  • Clean out your closet and basement – sell items on ebay or consignment shops with all proceeds going to your fundraising efforts!
  • Partner with a local restaurant – often times restaurants will donate a portion of proceeds to a worthy cause, see if your favorite restaurant will partner with you for your efforts!
  • Make it a contest for your friends- the first 10 people who donate to your campaign will be in a drawing to win a $25 gift card.
  • The best advice is to have fun with it and remember you have joined a special team of people who are all part of helping those overcoming homelessness to become self sufficient.

Benefits of FundRacing:

  • Free Entry to the 500 Festival Mini Marathon!
  • Opportunity to meet members who benefit from your fundraising efforts!
  • FundRaising Kit !
  • Team Atmosphere!
  • BoMF running gear as an incentive for how much you raise! More details on our website!
  • Knowing that there is meaning behind every step you take during your training and race experience!

Are you ready for the challenge? Register today and secure your bib! Do you have more questions? Contact or call at 317.517.8699.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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