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Month of May

It’s been a while since I last posted. I have decided it is hard work to keep up with a fairly consistent blog entry. So here goes a new one for ya! It seems like I have been up to a lot of racing and what not since last time. Like the Arcade Fire song, I’ll see how fast I can make the month of May go.

Since I last posted, we ran the Flying Pig Marathon in Ohio on May 1, as Lindsey blogged about the other day. It was fun to run the marathon with Erik, even though he took off at mile 10. It is always fun to experience someone’s first distance attempt. It was a great weekend! It was fun as well to run with Lindsey the last six miles, despite my lack of food attack at mile 23. All in all a good marathon.

The following weekend was the Back on My Feet 5k, which was the first timed 5K they ran and was in conjunction with the Indy Mini downtown. They were loving the massive crowds! I’ve got to say it is pretty cool to see 40,000 plus people at the start and all together, even though the actual course sucks I think. So that was a great time to see all of them racing. My plan was to run the 5k with Mitch but we were separated at the start. I guess I ran the weave through the slow moving traffic a little too fast. I ended up running an 18:43. So that was pretty cool. The legs definitely felt tired from the previous week. The only thing that kinda sucked about the race was I ran under someone else’s bib so I can’t get any time glory…oh well guess I will just need to run another 5K.

The next weekend found me in the back woods of the Ozark National Forest of Arkansas doing the Syallamo’s Revenge 50 mile mountain bike race. Let me just start by saying that the first 27 miles of this race were by far the absolute most difficult trail I have ever been on. The race started down in Blanchard Caverns and went straight up a steep fire road for about 1.5 miles upon which time you entered he$$, also known as the trailhead. I knew it was going to be difficult riding but I would have never imagined the amount of greasy roots, up hill and down hill rock gardens, and mud that I encountered in the woods.

Greg, Lindsey’s Dad, and I decided beforehand that we were going to ride together. I usually leave him at the start of these things and do my own racing but it was actually a lot of fun to have someone to suffer with…even though we were moving slower than I prefered…no big deal though.

All in all, Syallamo’s was a great time. A hard time but a great time nonetheless.

The next two weekends were spent hanging with our respective families in Crown Point and Bloomington for my Mom’s birthday and then Mother’s Day.

May was definitely a hectic month but a fun month. I don’t think that we would have it any other way….we wouldn’t know what to do if we didn’t have something going on every weekend 🙂

I’ll see if I can do a better job of keeping up with this…I do have triathlon news to talk about now.

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