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Summer Music Preview and Spur of the moment music

When I got into Lindsey’s car the other morning at 5:15 so we could head to the Back on My Feet Indy PH team meeting The Decemberists was blarring. This was not a real big surprise since the moment we bought The King is Dead on the way to Piney Point for the marathon the cd was been on constant rotation in the car. Hearing that familiar sound got me thinking about how they are coming to play White River State Park downtown on August 5th…I am really looking forward to that show. Then I got to thinking about all the other upcoming music I have this summer.

The Black Keys in Indy June 10, that is the night before Back on My Feet Indy tries their luck at a half marathon in Carmel…so that should make for an awesome weekend!!

Eddie Vedder solo on the Uke in early July @ the Fox in St. Louis with a couple other of Pearl Jam freaks. PJ releated roadtrips are always a plus.

Follow that with the aformentioned Decemberists in early August, and to round it all out will be The Avett Brothers in October.

Snuggled in between that folk rock/bluegrass jem of The Decemberists and The Avett Brothers is the possible weekend Pearl Jam festival. Nothing is official yet but the current rumor is that Pearl Jam will headling a “festival like” 3 day concert event @ Alpine Valley on Labor Day weekend. The internet is already a buzz as Mudhoney has announced Canadian tour dates around this time as the opener for Pearl Jam. One can only dream that the rumors become reality.

Lindsey will be joining me for everything except the Pearl Jam related activities. She lost her ticket to those after a sleeping incident at a Pearl Jam concert in DC in June 2008. I have never seen anything like it.

So my spur of the moment concert decision was to go the see Arcade Fire on Wednesday with Butters and some friends. Lindsey and I had talked about going but decided against since tickets were $50 and we didn’t really know Arcade Fire music that much. But Wednesday afternoon, Butters called me saying his buddy had an extra I could have for cheap…so I said why not I’ve heard good things about the show and have always enjoyed what I did hear.

Man was I glad that I went, they freaking ROCKED it hard on Wednesday. Great set, great energy. It was pretty cool to see 8 people stage trading instruments depending on the song. Arcade Fire was well worth it on Wednesday and I am know the proud owner of at least one Arcade Fire CD.

Hope to see everyone out at the Lawn over the summer enjoying the music.


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