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Flying Pig and running with others

When I say others, I don’t mean “The Others” from ‘Lost’…which on a quick side note is AMAZING! Lindsey and I have been streaming it hard core since we re-upped for Netflix like two weeks ago. I think we have watched a season and a half in about 10 days…probably sad to admit that but I don’t care. It rocks. We are currently on Part 2 of the Season 5 finale…oh man so close “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

But anyway….

Marathon number is 9 here. I think my nervousness for this race is higher than Piney Point because I am going to run it with and try to pace a friend, Erik, in his first marathon. I don’t know if it is just me or human nature but anytime I am running with someone else…who is not Lindsey…I feel a greater sense of pressure and have more pre-race doubt.

Erik is getting ready to head to New England for the next 5 years for his residency and one thing he said he wanted to do before that was to run a marathon. With his schedule as is currently I was never quite sure if he was serious or not when he told me that a year ago. That doubt was but to rest in February or January when he told me that he signed up for Flying Pig. I always told him that I would run the one he picked with him so once he told me that he signed up, Lindsey and I quickly signed up. It gets us one state closer to being official 50 States Members and I can’t pass up the chance to run someones first with them.

To be perfectly honest I have been kind of waffling on wanting to put that much effort into another race this close to the last one. I know that I can physically do it…it all comes down to my mental game. Last year pre BQ…I was hungry to go after every race now after Piney Point I am not feeling it if I am honest with myself.

I think come race day I will feel different once I get set in the corral area and feel the race energy. If you ask Lindsey I have a hard time not “racing” anytime we sign up for something. So am I looking forward to running another marathon hard this close to my last one or am I looking forward to running it in general…not really. But one thing I am looking forward to is that shared marathon experience as Erik gets to experience for the first time the full range of emotions that comes with running 26.2 miles.

Hopefully the weather is better than it has been for the last 10 days here Indy. If it is not we might be swimming part of the course along the Ohio.


PS…we are creeping it at another Extended Stay. My new go to for marathon travel.

 Erik, Lindsay, Adam, Amanda, Lindsey, Glenn 

Erik on the far left of the picture will run his first marathon at Flying Pig, May 1st!

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