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Mid Week Speed Work – Hurts so good

My plan all day heading into Wednesday’s workout was to not do the speedwork and just log some miles since we were going over to The Haak’s house to watch the Hoosiers taken on the hated Purdue Boilermakers and I did not really feel the need to up the intensity this close to the race. This week was supposed to be just another training week for us but since the race has been moved up a week it kind of moved all the training up a week so this really this kind of the beginning of the tappering process.

But as the run started my thought process began to change…maybe I will do some tempo or the original speed workout, which was 4 one mile repeats @ 6:10 with half mile jogs in between with a warm up and cool down for a total of 12 miles. My thinking for changing the run back to the original was I would be very bored for 12 miles on a Wednesday and I am still far enough that another tough workout will help come race day. Fast forward 2 mile repeats later and I was cursing my decision as I grunt and suffer up the Monon Trail. The only saving grace was continually repeating that this is what you signed up for and if you don’t put the work in now when no one is looking it will never turn out how you hoped when the bright lights of race day are here. The last two repeats were brutal…there is something about that mile repeat distance without fail with about 400 meters to go you can really start to feel the fatigue in your legs. By the time I reached my front door I was glad to be done and felt great from completing a tough quality workout. I was thinking that my legs might feelĀ a little tight today but they feel pretty freash…so I guess we will see how my 13 goes today after.

In terms of the basketabll game about the only postive to take away was the chili that Steve’s mom made and the nice Thre3e WiseMen IPA that Steve had on tap. Two more years and the Hoosiers will be back and we can shut Purdue up.


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