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10 Mile Tempo

Today I am supposed to run a 10 mile tempo run, 1 mile warm up and cool down, 8 miles at 7:42 pace. I am super tired because I didn’t sleep well last night. Needless to say I am a bit nervous about being able to hit my pace for 8 miles.

I haven’t ran with a watch in over a year, and have actually been loving it. I think time passes better without the constant reminder of time. I say better, not faster, because I do not think it neccessarily passes by faster, I just enjoy not obsessing over it. Today, I almost feel like I need a watch though, because I’m not sure my body will be able to determine how fast I am going. I am usually pretty on with feeling out a pace and knowing how fast and for how far I have gone without mapping or timing, but I’m just not sure about today. Based on my tired eyes right now, I will probably feel as though I am running faster than I really am.

One thing I am looking foward to is the 50 degree weather outside! I might as well run in my swimsuit at that temperature.

Although I am tempted to jump on the couch with I get home and just lay around, I know I will feel like new after this 10 miles. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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