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Nine with Glenn and Cadence

So Monday Cadence and I ended up waiting for Glenn to get home and run with him… that run was much faster than I had originally planned…. but felt good and was a definite confidence booster.

Yesterday Glenn and I did a medium paced 9 miles. We were originally going to do mile repeats, but decided against it when we realized the track was completley snow covered. We had Cadence with us and were just planning on letting her run around the fenced in track area while we did our repeats. So much for that plan! (Mile repeats will be today now…. on the treadmill for me, on the monon for Glenn)

It was nice for me though to run with Glenn again for the second day in a row with no music and at a decent tempo. It’s a much quieter way to run, compared to the treadmill at LA Fitness with a million people around and my music blaring in my ears. I didn’t really think we would see many people on the monon because it was freezing and dark, but suprisingly enough I would say we ran by at least 25 people. We saw one group north of 75th street and I think they were probably in the early weeks of training for the mini. We will start to see a lot of those groups our running now until May 7th.

There is something about running outside when it’s cold out that is refreshing and something about running outside in the cold and dark that is peaceful. It’s hard to get started in those conditions, but every time I do, I feel renewed and let’s be honest pretty legit.

Currently mentally preparing for those mile repeats. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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