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Monon Today

So I am starting to feel like we are really marathon training now. Brooke came down on Friday and we did 14 miles after work. Talk about an exciting Friday evening. Sometimes running 4 miles after work on a Tuesday is hard, the thought of running 14 after work on a Friday sounds really exhausting. It was so awesome though, we talked literally the entire run. It was so great to catch up and just be us. My normal running partner would have met his word quota for the run by mile 3 I’m sure.

So Monday we did 7 miles of hills (on the treadmill… because we live in Indianapolis… hills are few and far between), yesterday we were supposed to run 5, but I only did 3 because I was feeling really….blah. Today, Cadence and I ran a beautiful 8. The monon was quiet, calm and pretty.. It was fairly deserted and the snow was falling lightly the whole run. Although I was kind of dreading the run all day, I had a great run and now I feel amazing.

Now I am thinking about food, water and wine. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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