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A new plan

Glenn put in his letter of resignation two weeks ago, and after a long weekend at home in Crown Point, we have decided it would be wise to stay at Pro Trans for a while longer so we can save some dollars! Glenn very much still wants to cook, and he is going to, but we are going about it differently now. One day, and by one day I don’t mean 15-20 years from now, I mean sooner than later we will own our own restaurant, but the process is going to be different than we had originally planned. Sometimes we think we have our own plan all figured out and know how to do it on our own, but that is just not always the case.

THANKFULLY Pro trans is letting him keep his job. We are going to start a separate savings plan specifically for this oh so exciting project. I put together a “dream” binder where we can put all of our ideas and hopes for our adventure that is in the making.

Just an update.

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