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Marathon Advanced Training Plan

Marathon training plan for the intermediate-advanced runner

  • This is an 18 week marathon training plan with a gradual build and two rest weeks built into the plan at week 7 and 12
  • I recommend having run at least one marathon before starting this plan or multiple half marathons with consistent training
  • You should have a long run base of at least 12 miles before starting this plan
  • You should be consistently running an average of 30 miles per week before starting this plan
  • This training plan peaks out at 65 miles
  • There is one speed session and one long run each week built into this plan
  • This plan includes a detailed pace chart for workouts and races for runners aiming to run a 3:00-5:00 marathon
  • This plan includes detailed video demonstrations of pre and post-run stretches and strength work and a weekly strength routine

Marathon training plan for the intermediate-advanced runner.