Readers and listeners are both national and local to the Indianapolis area.

  • Speaking – I love speaking to groups- I can speak on all things running, podcasting, motherhood and social media at conferences, work place wellness settings, race expos, training groups, etc. Contact for pricing.
  • Live Podcasts – I host live podcast recordings for race weekends and events and would love to come to you to do so! Contact for pricing.
  • Freelance – If you are looking for someone to guest post for your magazine or blog, I can help. Topics we write about include- All things running and training – training for distances 5K up to the marathon, stroller running, coaching, running as a team, balancing life with running, etc. Contact for pricing.

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  1. Alex Feldmeyer

    Hi Lindsey, I have been listening to all of your podcasts as I just came across them and I’ll admit I have developed a bit of an obsession. They are captivating, invigorating and real. Thank you! I just listened to the episode with Neely Gracey and you guys went through the amenorhea and found elevated prolactin (from her sports bra?!?). Did I hear that right? And why did it happen from a sports bra or how did they realize that? I was confused and interested since I am in a baby making phase and have a history with lost periods.

  2. gonzalo pizarro

    Hi Lindsey, this is a listener/runner from Spain. I discovered your podcast about a year ago and I can tell you that ever since, my long weekend runs have been enterteined by your some times moving, some times funny and always interesting interviews. I still have some of the old episodes to listen to while I wait for the new ones to come.
    In the quiet early Sunday mornings, running in the deserted streets of Madrid, your voice is in my ears, a very recognaisable voice now, and I love it. Thank you

  3. amy

    Hi! Where does one find the discount code and vendor information that you mention on your podcasts? In particular, the lillytrotter discount? Thanks.

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