Hi! I’m Lindsey! I’m married to my husband Glenn of 12 years and we live in Indianapolis, IN with our four crazy little boys and dog.

I host the podcast “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein where I talk with motivating and inspiring runners each week. I founded SandyBoy Productions, a podcast network in 2019! Currently our shows include: I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein, The Illuminate Podcast and The Up and Running Podcast.

I also coach runners and write personalized training plans from anything to a 5K to Marathon Distances. If you aren’t looking for a coach but want a kick ass, detailed plan with a pace chart included for the half or full marathon- I have those for all ability levels in my shop!

I grew up in Bloomington, IN and was talked into running cross country in high school by my best friend. I was naturally decent at running, but nothing super special. In college, I ran to stay in shape but fell back in love with it after college. Since then, I’ve run 16 marathons and also jumped around in triathlon for a year when I completed a half ironman.

Beyond running, I love being organized, reading, anything comedy, surrounding myself with inspiring, giving people and always working to overcome my fears.

I’m an RRCA Certified Running Coach



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  2. Kimberly

    Hi Lindsey! I saw your comment on Knox McCoy’s Instagram about wanting to have him on your podcast.
    I swear I don’t scroll through his comments, but it showed up right under his post about the Jen Hatmaker show. 🙂
    I’d love to work with you on this, having trouble finding an email address for you anywhere. My email is Kimberly.Golladay@harpercollins.com
    Thanks, Lindsey!

  3. David

    Greetings, recently listened to one of your Podcasts and I have a question. What is the definition of a STRENGTH Runner? Look fwd to your answer.

  4. AnnaCoepe

    Hi there neighbor
    I see you walking around my house. You looks nice ;). Are you able to meet? See my Profile here:


    Im tired of living alone, You can spend nice time.

    Let me know If you are ready for it

    – Anna

  5. Billy

    Hey team,

    I have a client who is interested in getting a link from your site. Are you open to a collaboration of some sort?

    My client creates high-quality content and is relevant to your guys’ niche.

    Let me know what options you have available. My email is billykiriluk@gmail.com


  6. Tanya

    Hi Lindsey
    I just listed to the episode with Ryan Hall and I just want to tell you that you did an incredible job with that interview.I had followed his career for many years and I recall when he decided that he would allow God to be his coach. I loved how you addressed that issue with him and allowed him to explain how his views on religion have changed.
    I think you have really developed a talent for discussing difficult issues with people and it is really impressive.

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