Episode 345: CJ Albertson – 10th at his first World Marathon Major. What he was thinking and what he’s excited about next!

CJ Albertson placed 10th at the Boston Marathon just a couple weeks ago. He lead the race up until around mile 17. We get to hear about his mindset during the race, his race plan, how he is feeling after the race, and how he wants to tackle Boston again.

CJ is a 2:11 marathoner, he runs for Brooks Running and he is also a cross country and track coach for Clovis Community College. He is also about to be a new dad. We cover a lot of ground in this episode and I hope that you enjoy it!

Photo credit: Kevin Morris

Photo via CJ Albertson

What we talked about:

3:20- What he has been up to since the Boston Marathon

5:00- What CJ’s goals were going into the Boston Marathon race

6:50- His race strategy and how the race actually played out

11:45- CJ’s thoughts when the chase pack caught him

15:40- How he felt on the hills throughout the course and how he would change his training to be more ready for the course

20:25- The confidence that his Boston Marathon performance gives him

22:45- Taking risks in racing and training

25:00- Thoughts on focusing on shorter distances to benefit his marathons

26:45- His approach to training and how he trains in an unconventional way

32:00- His long runs during marathon training

37:00- The time period of running the 50k World Record, a 2:09 marathon on the treadmill and then running the Marathon Project

43:15- CJ’s mentality during races when they get hard

44:45- Coaching himself

47:00- What he is experimenting with in his training right now

53:10- The team that he coaches

55:30- CJ’s big goals

1:00:26- His experience at Rim to Rim to Rim

1:02:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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