Episode 344: Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky – Marathons, RISE AND RUN and Motherhood

Hi friends! I’m excited to bring you this bonus episode on the podcast with Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky! Their brand new cook book “Rise and Run” dropped yesterday and they are going to tell you all about it in this episode!

Shalane is a 4X Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, NYC Marathon Champion, Coach at the Bowerman Track Club and a New York Times Best Selling Author. She has partnered with her UNC teammate Elyse Kopecky. Elyse is a NewYork Times Best-selling author, educator and inspirational speaker.

These ladies are both running the New York City Marathon in a couple of weeks – Shalane coming off 5 World Marathon Majors and Elyse running her very first ever marathon!

In this episode we talk about Shalane’s journey to get to this 6th marathon major, Elyse training for her first marathon, what their goals are for NYC and Shalane gives a little advice for newbies on the course! We wrap it up with some Mom talk. What a treat this was!

Note- the audio is not the quality I adhere to here at SandyBoy Productions, however this is my first time pulling audio straight from instagram live so I am still figuring out how we can make that better! In the future for instagram lives- make sure you follow me there so miss an episode!

What we talked about:

3:30- Chit chat and introductions

5:15- The release of their cookbook

6:50- Shalane’s recent 5 marathons

8:00- Thoughts on turning 40

11:20- Recapping all of the races that Shalane ran

18:40- Elyse’s first marathon that she’ll run at the NYC Marathon

23:00- Shalane’s strategy for her race at the NYC Marathon

24:20- Shalane’s advice for anyone running the NYC Marathon

28:00- What’s new in their latest cookbook

40:20- Goals for their book

43:20- What each of their parents taught them and how they will teach their own children those lessons

45:55- How each of them balance their own career dreams with parenting

Show Notes:

Shalane and Elyse’s cook books:

Run Fast Eat Slow

Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow

THE NEW ONE: Rise and Run

Show notes:

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