Episode 338: Sonya Looney – 24 hour mountain bike world champion on mindset and determination

Sonya Looney is a mountain bike world champion for the 24 hour mountain bike world championships. She is a health coach and has written a cookbook, she has her own podcast called the Sonya Looney show, she has an apparel line, and has a mindset course. She is really good at speaking about positive psychology, mental toughness, and mindfulness based techniques to help people find more fulfillment in their everyday life. She has a lot of tips and techniques for reframing your mindset when the race gets really tough.

What we talked about:

7:10- Sonya’s introduction to running

9:20- Where Sonya’s passion for adventure comes from

13:45- How Sonya got into mountain biking

16:45- Learning that she could compete on a world stage

18:50- Some of Sonya’s travel stories from her races

27:35- Meeting her husband

33:45- Becoming a world champion

42:10- Tips and techniques for when a dark moment comes in a race

43:50- What she’s learned from when she’s quit a race

47:45- Her mindset when things get hard in a race

48:30- Finding motivation when on days that you don’t want to do the workout

56:50- The running challenges that she wants to take on

58:40- Camping tips

1:03:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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