I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 003: SISTERS!

I’ll Have Another Episode 003: Sisters, Ericka Sylvester & Shelby Gil

Ericka Sylvester is my older sister! She recently moved back to Indiana after living in Washington D.C. for 10 years. She is a new mom, and works in digital media for the National Review.

Shelby Gil is my younger sister, she lives in Bloomington, IN and has two kiddos with one on the way! She recently became an RN and though she is a stay at home mom currently, she is looking forward to heading back to work soon. She is is funny and maybe a little sarcastic.

In this episode we talk about everything from marathons, to our kids, baby names we dislike and do like. Our favorite books and what we’re loving these days! I hope you enjoy getting to know my sisters and I better!

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Those who wish me dead- Michael Koryta

Down Came the Rain – Brooke Shields

There was a Little Girl – Brooke Shields



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  1. I love your podcast Lindsey!! Congrats on the launch. Heading out on my run; going to listen to SISTERS 🙂

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