Three Things I’m Loving

Like most people in my generation. I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. I’m surprised I’m not listening to one right now. Right now though, I am sitting in my parents basement sitting at the bar, drinking coffee, listening to music, praying that my kids won’t wake up for another 45 minutes. Another hour. No two hours. Not really two hours though because we need to get moving for the day before we hit two hours. Ok, no I’d take the two hours.  I’m actually kind of on edge, because I’m sitting in the dark with headphones on and I’m kind of afraid Marshall is going to wake up from the couch and creep over to me and scare the shit out of me. I’m just waiting for it.

The boys and I stayed at my parents the last two nights just for fun. My sister has been here with her two kids and I didn’t have any work meetings or events so figured it was perfect timing. Nice because yesterday I ran outside for an hour by myself- I really love running in Bloomington because of the change of scene, not to mention there are actually some hills and I enjoy a hilly run.


The only downside, is all of the kids have a nagging cold, so they’ve been a little grumpy. Here is Marshall having a meltdown, Big Lou and Gunner be like “say what dude?”


But I’ve had the opportunity for lot’s of good snuggles and I’m not complaining about that. I know i’m partial, but Marshall has the most perfect eyebrows and eye lashes. Any woman would be jealous I think.

marshall sick

marsh sick too

Back to the podcasts; I’ve been listening to is the Jamie Ivey, Happy Hour podcast. She interviews and chats with women, wanting the podcast to feel like you’re just sitting in a room with your girlfriends for happy hour having good conversation. She usually interviews a women who is running a small business, writing books, running some amazing nonprofit or just someone who is inspiring and has a good story to tell. I’ve gained a lot of inspiration through the women on the show. It’s is definitely a Christian based podcast and for the ladies. When we drove down to Chattanooga this summer I listened to one in the car with Glenn and he was not impressed, though he happily listened.

My point. Well I have two points.

1. I have a dream of starting my own podcast. There I said it.

2. She ends every episode asking guests to name what book they are reading and what three things they are loving.

So I’m going to do that today. Not start my own podcast, but tell you the books I’m reading and three things I’m loving. 🙂

Right now, I’m somehow trying to read three books. (very slowly) I kind of made a quiet goal to read two books a month this year. Yikes. The percentage I’m into these books is not high. I think I need to listen to one on audio to get through this!

  • Half the Sky –  by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn – I started this book a couple of years ago when my Grandma gave it to me, but put it down halfway through. I’m determined to finish it.
  • American Sniper – by Chris Kyle – I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile and definitely want to read it before I see the movie. I’m about 30% done right now.
  • Why not Me  – by Mindy Kaling – Because I’m obsessed with Mindy Kaling. The first two books aren’t really what one would call light reads and I like to always have a light, happy, funny read teed up in case my spirit needs it. One thing to know about me is I CLING to comedy. If I’m anxious, sad or whatever- please put some Seinfeld on. Or right now, put the Mindy Project on.

Three Things I’m Loving:

  • The Mindy Project. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably already heard enough about that. I started watching it from the beginning a couple of weeks ago on hulu. It’s everything I hoped it would be.
  • Silk vanilla almond milk creamer in my coffee My mom always has this at their house. It makes morning coffee seem so much more special than coffee with some regular old milk and stevia. In fact, I think I need a refill right now.
  • Jason Isbell Pandora – Glenn got me hooked on Jason Isbell. He texted and emailed me on like five separate occasions during the workday telling me about it, then following up have you tried it, have you tried it? Until I did. I love it. I’m struggling to find the words to describe what kind of music it is but think Ray Lamontagne meets Sturgill Simpsom. The best part- he’s coming to Indy next month and we are planning on going. Yay. Need to book a sitter.

What books are you reading?

What are three things you’re loving?

Would you listen to my podcast? If so who do you request my first guest to be? Think funny, inspiring and someone who has a good story to tell.


  1. I really like listening to podcasts as well. I feel as though I’ve learned so much about running through them. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think you would have an awesome podcast. I already enjoy reading your posts!

  2. I read both Mindy Kaling books too. Then i was hooked on comedient books and read Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They are fun 🙂

    Start the podcast, I’ll be your first guest 🙂

    1. Those women are all hilarious, I should check out their books. Which did you like best?

      1. Lindsey Hein

        I’ve read them all too! I think I like Mindy’s the best, then Tina then Amy!

    2. Lindsey Hein

      Read Amy and Tina’s as well…. though Amy’s expired from the library on my kindle twice when I had like 10% left, so I didn’t finish the whole thing!

  3. I’m always looking for new podcasts, and I hadn’t heard of Happy Hour – thanks! I’m reading The Ultimate Treadmill Workout by David Siik and I just finished There Are No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz (great read, heavy stuff). I’m loving that it’s Friday, my coffee and that I’m looking forward to the work-stuff I have today. Thanks for the post!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Will look into that book for sure- I’m ok with heavy as long as there is some downtime for not so heavy stuff too!!

    2. Lindsey Hein

      And I hope you enjoy your day- thank you for reading!

  4. I haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, I think because I lack the attention span. With a physical book being right under my face, I can’t help but stay focused.

    Bloomington is very pretty! I lived in northern IN, though, and the hills I ran were the overpasses (and the occasional actual hill). At least I had some hill training! I miss it, though.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Yes I always do podcasts when I’m doing something else as well- definietly don’t think I could just sit there and listen- I do it when driving or working out mostly! I grew up in Bloomington and we come back often. It is really pretty! Thanks for reading!!

  5. I would definitely listen to your podcast! I love podcasts. My new fave podcast is Runner of a Certain Age. It’s by & about recreational (i.e. back-of-the-pack) runners. Happy Hour sounds like something I would like, so I’ll check it out too. I like serious podcasts for in the car, and funny ones for when I run. I look like a goof running & laughing, tho, I’m sure. Right now I’m reading 2 books, 1 non-fiction: Crazy Love by Francis Chan, about the overwhelming love of God for us; and 1 fiction: The Last Exodus by Paul Tassi, about an earth that’s been destroyed by a war with aliens, and a couple of people find an old alien ship that still works so they are going to leave earth to find somewhere new to try to start over.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Teresa! I do think you would love the Happy Hour Podcast! Thank you for reading and I’m so glad you would listen! We might have to have an episode with the FBGs!! I’m with you, I like serious and non serious depending on what I’m doing or what mood I’m in! I’ve been wanting to read Crazy Love.

  6. Belle

    I would be a subscriber to your podcast. First guests i don’t know. I would listen no matter what. Three things I’m loving are learning how to hand letter. Old barnwood warehouse. Going to author readings with my husband. I’m reading my name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth strout. You should put on your reading list when breath becomes air. It’s a memoir by a young man that is finishing medical school that gets cancer. His wife writes the afterword. Very good.

    1. Belle! oh I would love it if you would listen! I will add that book to my list, though I do sometimes tend to steer clear of anything cancer related because it makes my mind wonder too much and I have to be super proactive to not go there! Old Barnwood warehouse?! I don’t know this- I will google as soon as I post this comment back! Miss you and hope you are well and happy! 🙂

  7. I want to get into listening to podcasts more. I need to find a way to put them on my iPod. I also LOVE The Mindy Project-thanks for reminding me I’m behind on episodes!

    1. You should definitely be able to get them on your iPod because most run through iTunes I think? I’m not tech savvy so not totally sure- but yes it’s a life saver in boring runs or workouts! Mindy Project obsessed!!

  8. I love this!! I may have to follow suit and write a post like this. I am currently reading “It was a Me All Along” – a memoir (written by a fellow blogger actually) and I have another book on the way from Amazon titled, “Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy.” I can’t wait.

    I’m also obsessed with podcasts. My #1 is Rich Roll because I love the guests he has on and his interview style is just fantastic. The conversations are so authentic and organic. SO SO good.

    The Happy Hour one sounds right up my alley, but since it’s super christian …maybe I won’t be into it. Worth a shot though. Always looking for new ones.

    1. You totally should- I need to create a list of all the books everyone is reading- there will never be enough time, but I want to read them all. Or at least start them all!

      Rich Roll- I’ll have to check it out!

      Happy Hour is for sure a christian based podcast but more than anything she interviews women who are doing great things around the country and the world and it’s really inspiring to hear about it. They talk about adoption a lot which is something I’m really intrigued and interested about. I always walk away wanting to be involved in something more meaningful and have an impact of the lives of those who need love.

      I’ll look for your three things post!!

  9. I’m loving podcasts lots these days too. Right now I’m listening to lots of Endurance Planet. If you haven’t already, check it out. I think you’ll like.

    As for your podcast – do it! You’d be great. As for guests, I’ll vote for Glenn. 🙂

    1. Hey Jayme! I have heard the Endurance Planet recommendation before- I do need to try it out! I have Glenn lined up for a guest for sure- I just can’t decide if he should be the first guest or not. I do think he’ll deliver but man it’s a tough choice!!

  10. Clearly I’m not one of those in your generation hooked because I not even sure what a podcast is!

    1. HAHA! My mom said the same thing- not about the generation thing but about not really knowing what they were haha. I love them for an easy run or long car ride!

  11. Melissa

    Would most definitely listen to your podcast! I have zero ideas for guests, though, because my brain isn’t awake yet. I really love the Real Talk Radio podcast with Nicole Antoinette. Sounds very similar to the Jamie Ivey one, but without the Christian slant and with more profanity.

    I just finished The Luckiest Girl Alive and it was so good! I also read Pretty Girls which was so dark and unsettling that I had to get out of bed and double check that my doors were locked. I don’t recommend that one. Too creepy.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Hey! Oh sounds like I need to check out Real Talk! I’m working on listening to all different types of them so need to add it to my list! Dark and unsettling, I”m not good at those books, especially at night in a big old house!! I’ll try out Luckiest Girl Alive though! 🙂 Thanks for reading and hopefully listening in the near future!!

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