Quick Drop In!

Hi! Just popping in for a quick hello. I had a busy (Busy for me) morning. Thankfully Glenn was able to take Marshall to pre-school and drop Lou off at the Y for childcare. (What would I do without YMCA childcare?!) I stopped by Fox 59 and talked with Larra about 500 Festival Mini Marathon training – I really enjoy going into the studio there, everyone is so friendly and I very much sharing my love for running!

You can view the clip HERE if you are interested in watching!


I then headed over to the Joseph Maley Foundation offices to talk about  the 2016 partnership between their 5K and Athletic Annex. Annex sponsored the race last year and I ran it for the first time- wow they put on a fantastic race.

One thing that is so fun about their race is they have an “elite” race that starts before the actual race. To be in the elite field you have to run sub 21 minutes for female and sub 18 for male- so people like me who certainly aren’t elite, but can run sort of fast get to run in that division. Last year I warmed up, ran the elite race and then cooled down in the normal race.

The course is fast and it starts and finishes with a lap around the IUPUI track- ending in a great post race atmosphere with lot’s of fun family activities. I’m sold on it every year. The 2016 race is Saturday, July 9th-do it! I then met with the good people at the Y about another Annex partnership, picked up Lou and headed home for a quick nap before picking up Marsh from school. I’m totally going to have to wake him up to go and I hate doing that… but what we all know about Big Lou, is the kid knows how to go with the flow.

I’m just about to finish up Making a Murderer— two more episodes! Unlike most of the fanatics who watched it in a couple sittings, I’m on week 2. I’m into it, but know that when it’s over, like Serial, I will just be left not knowing and wanting to to know if he’s guilty or not. Sigh. I have a scheduled 45-60 minute bike ride today, but we’ll see how the boys are doing after school. If all is good, I’ll throw Lou in the pack and play, put a show on for Marshall and hop on the trainer.

Tonight, I’m heading out to the Blind Owl to meet up with the Team Film ladies. Though I’m feeling like staying inside in my warm house under a blanket sounds good, I know I’ll be happy I went and I’m xxcited to have a beer and hang with my people.



  1. That’s pretty unique and cool regarding the elite race. It sounds like a unique and fun experience.

    We watched making a murderer at about the same pace. I know some people can sit that long in a setting but I get so bored.

  2. This post just made me realize I never watched the final episode of Making a Murderer! HA! I think Facebook ruined it for me and I knew I wouldn’t have an answer at the end and that drives me insane.

    Just read your most recent post about crawling back to fit — I’ve been there and it sucks. But you’ll get there and you’ll be faster than ever.

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