9 Weeks. 9 Freaking Weeks.

I’m about 9 weeks out from tearing my plantar fasciaThree weeks longer than I’ve ever gone without running since I was a kid. And let’s just call it was it is- it’s the longest I’ve ever gone because kids always run so there was no starting point. Running has never not been a constant in my life. Four times I have taken six weeks off- after my babies and after two surgeries I had.

I think I have been very positive about this whole thing from the start. (not without some grouchy days) I have enjoyed not waking up on Saturdays and feeling the “have to” of running long. Even though I love a long run. I have enjoyed taking days off and finding a different kind of balance. BUT, I’m hitting a point of feeling fed up and frustrated. I need to come up with a new game plan- a schedule to follow and be committed to. (Beyond my very basic foot strength work) If I say I might try to swim today that’s fine, but like new runners with running- if I have my swim in writing, I will more likely complete it. Duh.

With running I don’t need that. If I am not injured, running does not feel like a “task” to me. I enjoy it and it’s easy to do. I don’t need it on a schedule because I know I will do it either way. Because I want to. Since I don’t love swimming, biking, rowing, strength training, yoga or whatever it is, like I do running, it doesn’t come naturally. Not to mention, when I run- over half of my runs during the week are done with the kids in the stroller, so there it’s just simple. We don’t have to go anywhere and it just happens.

I went for a test run on Thursday. It was not very encouraging. It wasn’t painful, but I felt uneasy about it. Marshall, Louis, Cadence and I headed to the Shortridge track. I did 2 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking X 5- for a total of 10 minutes of running time.



And so we ran and walked. In the video I say on 3 minutes, off 2- but I did on 2 minutes, off 3. Marshall met a friend, Katie at the track. Her mom and her were out walking- Katie’s Dad is the assistant Principle at Shortridge and her mom is works for the Joseph Maley Foundation. We really love having Shortridge only two blocks away. They are so friendly and welcome us to use their track anytime, which we really appreciate. It’s nice to let Marshall run around and be able to push Lou in the stroller around the track. Although Marshall needs to not get too used to that because he still has a lot of long stroller runs to participate in.

I finished feeling like, I’m just not sure if my foot is ready for that. Am I prolonging the healing process by running a little bit on it. I understand the process has to be very slow and gradual, but maybe I shouldn’t even be starting at all.

In researching a bit- it seems that a plantar fascia tear could take an entire year to really heal. Some might think a slow build – I’m talking 10 minutes of running 3 days a week will help it become stronger, along with all of the strength work and cross training I need to be doing. But some might say if it’s not strong enough yet and if it’s not even fully healed, that running at all should be a no.

There is shit information about torn plantar fascia out there and medical professionals don’t give straight forward answers. You get vague answers when you ask a doctor about anything. So even if I ask a doctor, they will say something like “it should heal in 6-8 weeks and you might be ready to do some run/walking”

I had Glenn telling me about some NBA player starter (Pau Gasol) who tore his and was back on the court in 12 weeks. Well old Paul probably had about 95 athletic trainers and all of his time and energy, 8-10 hours a day I’m sure soley focused on healing. I’m not a professional athlete, and as much “rest” as I’ve given it, I’ve still been chasing two young kids up and down stairs approximately 842 times every day since I tore the beast. Also, the cost of seeing an athletic trainer is like over $100 a pop, so that’s not really something I can justify doing weekly as someone who enjoys running and trying to run fast, but does it as a hobby. Hey Pau- can you loan me some cash for all the therapy and babysitting coverage I’ll need to get this done to be back at it in 12 weeks like you? #hobbyjoggerprobs

The carefree attitude about working out is  likely just what I needed for the last few weeks. But for the love- my mental health needs regular exercise, not to mention a challenge. I like being challenged physically and I haven’t been giving myself that. It’s not about my extra love handles, it’s about the peace and happiness working out brings me. I am a more productive person and nicer to my family if I exercise. So here is my goal- write out a 6 week schedule to follow for myself- just like I’d write out for someone I’m coaching. And follow it. Check it off. I have these fun new Finis toys to try out in the pool and think that will help me get motivated to some new workouts and strength building exercises in the water.

So I’ll let you hold me accountable, and I’ll share my schedule. Maybe I’ll do some sort of challenge or something.


Marshall wants to play with all of it. He thinks the package was for him.


Ok, I have three days to get my schedule done- hold me to it!! 

Also- let’s just go ahead and start a challenge in this blog post. EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. 20 push ups and 5 minutes worth of planks. Let’s not get too crazy. #strongersmarterfaster #workworks

Oh and if you know of anyone who has serious experience with torn plantar fascia, I’d love to connect and hear what their healing process looked like.


  1. I suck, I have nothing to offer on torn plantar fascia. The fact that something is actually torn though is completely terrifying and I feel like that would take forever to heal.

    When I had post tib tendonitis that wouldn’t quit, I was cleared for running but it never felt good/right even though PT and doctors were saying it was okay to do it. So from end of Feb until June 7th (because I got discharged on my birthday), I just didn’t run. I had to start with 30 minutes tops of 1 minute run, 4 minutes walk when I finally did run. I could only up to 2 minutes/3 minutes if I had no pain during or after the entire 30 minute session. I think I was doing it 2-3 times per week and it took like 3-5 times before I could “level up” until I was finally doing 30 minutes non-stop. It took me until mid-September I think?

    I’m guessing if post tib tendonitis can require like 4 months of no impact, a torn plantar fascia could easily require the same or more to fully heal. Suggestion: stock up on more booze.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Oh gosh, I didn’t realize you had that long of a recovery. Thanks for this. BOOZE YES.

  2. I feel like my son and Marshall would get along very well. Pants are the enemy. I wish I had something to say to help you out, but thankfully I’ve never had any major injuries. I do plan on getting back in the pool in the next few weeks so I’d love to hear your pool workouts!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thank you! I’ll keep you posted on my pool stuff- need to write a post soon. Send your boy over here- he and Marshall can run around like crazy kids.

  3. I tore my plantar fascia in high school and it took a long time to get back to regular training. I ended up with three weeks of crutches and two months of the boot. I had physical therapy a few times a week including three cortisone shots. The injury happened in November, I stopped running by mid December and eventually I was back to running somewhat normal by March.

    My advise is to take as long as recovery as you feel you need. I should have stopped running sooner, but I was also rushed back into running by my track coach. Unfortunately, I still have issues with my arch from time to time, but I’m much more cautious now.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thank you for your insight here- I really appreciate it. I am going to the Podatrist tomorrow and am armed with questions!!! I’ve thought about the cortisone shots, but wondering if since it’s already torn and hopefully attached back if it makes sense. I’m thinking right now it’s just a lot of scar tissue I need to break up, increase blood flow and strengthen my foot.

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