60 Mile Week

Merry Christmas all!

The picture above is one of the pictures we took for our Christmas card. No pants, of course.

And what did we get Marshall for Christmas? A pad of paper and some new crayons. He had so many gifts from all of our families and we try hard to keep things as minimal as possible (which is nearly impossible with a 18 month old.) When he’s a little older, we’ll step up the game a little bit, but the kid doesn’t need anything and beyond that, he doesn’t care.  
Does he look like he cares? Best Day Ever. 

We had a great Christmas and I wanted to put some cutie pictures up but this post isn’t about Christmas really, it’s about running. Are you really surprised?
I had an intense addiction to running last week. The addiction is always there, but last week I was more obsessed than usual.

I ran 60 miles, which is only the second time I’ve run that many in one week. The other time was my peak week of Shamrock training in the spring. That’s a crap ton of miles for me. I naturally land around 40 if I had to guess. 

This is what the week looked like:

Monday AM 12 Mile Progression Run starting @ 8:20, finishing @ 6:30. Last 30 minutes pretty hard.

Total: 12 Miles
Tuesday AM  7 Miles, Recovery @8:34, PM  3.6 Miles, Recovery @ ? No watch (running dog)  
Total: 10.6 Miles

Wednesday AM 12 Miles Easy @7:30-8:30, PM 3.5 Miles, Recovery, no watch, running the dog. 
Total: 15.5 Miles

Thursday  AM  5.5 Miles Recovery @ 8:20 PM 2 Miles Recovery, No watch, running the dog.

Total: 7.5 Miles

Friday AM 12.2 @ 7:20-8:20 w/ incline work. 35 minutes- 80 minutes alternate 2.0 inline at 7:41 pace for 2.5 min, back down to .5 incline for 2.5 min @ 7:30, cool down 10 minutes

Total: 12.2 Miles

Saturday – 3.5 Recovery Run , No watch, running the dog

Total: 3.5 Miles

Sunday – Rest me. Body needs it, mind didn’t want it. Addiction.

Week Total: 60 Miles
I thought I might have done a 10 miler on Sunday, but I really just didn’t want to run or workout or anything. So I didn’t. And to be honest, I felt anxious about it. And that’s not really ok, but there could be worse things.

Glenn ALWAYS tells me to be careful and not to ramp back up too quick. He is also the same person who plants the seed that if I ran higher mileage weeks, I’d probably be a lot faster. Plant that seed and I run with it. 

I’ve been back at it for 7 weeks now– the week before last I ran 50 miles (8 more than I had planned) which was a pretty big jump from the week before and this week I ran 60, another pretty big jump.

A general rule to follow is to not up your mileage by much more than 10% each week & after Glenn’s hamstring injury last spring, he is particularly adamant about it.

I told him, I know my body and wouldn’t run more than I can handle or do more than I can handle. Honestly I’ve only done that a couple times in my life- one being the other weekend in Crown Point when I ran 12 miles way to fast up and down some stupid hills. Thankfully I’ve never been prone to running related injuries, I hope that streak continues. 

BUT, he also tells me I need to be following a plan. Right now though, I’m enjoying making things up as I go and just running as much as I want when I want.
So that puts as at Christmas morning, which was pretty quiet for us, since both of my sisters weren’t in town. My parents have a pretty nice home gym so, as soon as my mom finished rowing- Glenn hopped on the bike & I hoped on the treadmill. They are storing the Boston Marathon treadmill that my sister won at their house until she has space for it- and man it is freaking nice. 

I ran a big handful of sections of the Boston course on the treadmill- the incline just moves as you go- even descends which is crazy. And the whole time there is a video of the course like you are in the race. This treadmill is insane- better than the treadmills at the gym. I was originally going to run outside- but was itching to try this treadmill and ended up doing 18 miles. My original plan was 17, but then I had started the last section of the marathon and it would have ended at 18.2, so I couldn’t get myself to stop. Then I almost said heck with it and ran on in for 20, but dang I’m glad I didn’t, because once again, I did overdo it a bit and felt pretty ick last night. I probably ran a little too fast and a little too far. 
Since the Treadmill is so new- my parents hadn’t put the ledge on it which would hold my kindle, and their TV wasn’t loud enough to hear, and I didn’t have my headphones- so I basically ran the whole 18 just watching the video of the marathon course. This was fine for the day but after once or twice, it would get boring. 
And just a note- I don’t usually do my long runs on the treadmill, but I am not opposed. 

 I love starting a holiday with a good workout. 

How as your Christmas? 

Do you start your holidays with a workout?

Have you tried the Boston Marathon Treadmill?

Do you ever go long on the Treadmill?


  1. That treadmill sounds fantastic. It’s funny that Glenn is the one telling you to be careful but also that higher mileage will increase your speed as well. A little bit of a push in the bigger mileage direction, I’d say. I can’t imagine running 18 on a treadmill, but I think if I had that marathon course to watch and run for the first time I’d have been able to handle a larger volume than normal. It’s funny to hear how different people view running on treadmills. I don’t love it but don’t hate it that much either. Glad you’re enjoying running so much and are getting back at it quickly.

    1. Hi Meghan- thanks! Yes it was awesome- and you are right about Glenn. He tells me running high mileage will make me faster, but he doesn’t realize I have little patience and think that means right now haha! Not sure it will be entertaining now that I’ve seen the video and would be bored with the commentary.

  2. Kim

    I would love to try the Boston Marathon Treadmill!! I love to run on my treadmill and do long runs all the time on it!
    All of your runs last week look awesome!!!

  3. I am so with you about the gifts for little kids! I don’t have children of my own, but I am one of nine, and between those memories and experiencing holiday overload with my nephews I lean toward less-is-more. This Christmas I noticed that my nephews were thrilled with the first gift they opened – then lost interest as they continued opening gifts. Before long it degenerated into a paper-shredding mayhem.
    I’m impressed that you did 18 on the ‘mill. I can’t do 18 minutes, and I mean it.

    1. Hi Gracie! Thank you! It becomes so chaotic with the gifts sometimes and takes away from the whole meaning of the holiday really! All about practical too! Haha- 18 miles on the treadmill can be mundane- I was really breaking it up into 15 minute chunks in my head which really helped!

  4. I LOVE that picture of Marshall- adorable! I didn’t get my nephew much this year– white onesies, babywipes, and one toy. Things he needs and wants (He could entertain himself for hours with the crinkly packaging of baby wipes).

    Awesome week of running- makes me even more eager to get back into training in another week or so. I have gone as long as 22 on the treadmill before. I don’t mind it, obviously wouldn’t want to do it all the time. Treadmill can be a great tool if you allow it to be!

    1. Thanks Laura! I feel ya on the treadmill- for some reason there are days when I prefer it even conditions outside are good. That’s not too often though! AND I’ve never done a 22 mile training run ever, let alone on the treadmill! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and had fun with your nephew!!

  5. Nicholle

    This was an eye-opening post for me. You are crazy-fast and I am not. After running a full last spring, I started training for a fall full and had a few 55-60 mile weeks. The entire training cycle I could tell something was off and getting steadily worse, and now I live at the physical therapy office (after blowing up at mile 20 in the full). After I get better, I vow to train smarter (and cross-train).

    Also, we do less-is-more Christmas too. We start out doing Operation Christmas Child boxes (one for each kid to fill for another kid their age) in November to get the reminder of giving started.

    1. Hi! 55-60 is a lot of miles! Think you ramped it up too fast? I hope you are able to get out of the physical therapy office sooner than later! I’ve definitely had the mile 20 blow up on a few occasions, NOT FUN. I figured you would be of the less is more Christmas train. We for sure need to start a tradition like you do with Marshall starting this year. Should have done it this year too, but totally blew it off out of pure laziness. Merry Christmas- I hope you guys had a great day!

  6. Congrats on your 60 mile week! Impressive any time … but in December even more!

    Christmas was great — and it started with a run … for which I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise near my finish.

    Have not even heard of the Boston Marathon treadmill, so have not tried — but it sounds fun enough that even I might enjoy it!

    I think the longest I’ve done on the treadmill is 14 or something like that (during the ice age of 2011) — or maybe it was during a Colts game that year figuring if I was going to be in front of the TV and I needed to run I might as well combine the two (despite the temptation, my hydration was NOT a beer).

    Love the pics. Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

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